06/21/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Two Congressional Democrats Join GOP Anti-Gay Jihad In DC

A few weeks ago I mentioned how clueless Mormon demagogue and extremist Jason Chaffetz volunteered to lead the crusade against gay families in Washington, DC. I doubt it will get anywhere but Chaffetz and a couple dozen other congressional bigots signed on to a bill that would force the Washington, DC government to stop recognizing same-sex marriages. The bill was formally introduced by two of Congress' worst hate-mongers, Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Dan Boren (Blue Dog-OK). The man recently voted the most disliked member of Congress by his colleagues, Georgia reactionary Tom Price couldn't wait to sign on as a co-sponsor. "Nothing," he said, "can be more important than the sanctity of our families." What a clown!

At 4pm we're going to be talking with singer/songwriter Nanci Griffith over at Crooks and Liars. The title track of her new album, The Loving Kind, is the story of Richard and Mildred Loving, a mixed race couple who were not allowed-- by bigots like Boren, Price, Chaffetz and Jordan-- to marry back in the 1960s. They lived in Virginia where, like in almost half the states, it was illegal for people of different races to get married. Just like Tom Price says today, there were horrible racists, just like him then saying "Nothing can be more important than the sanctity of our families." The Lovings went to Washington, DC to get married. When they got home to Virginia, policed broke down their door at night, dragged them out of bed and threw them in jail.

One court case after another eventually led to a unanimous decision by the Supreme Court, Loving v Virginia to strike down all miscegenation laws (although, predictably, Alabama kept its own on the books). We'll be talking with Nanci about her song today. Give it a listen:

The Loving Kind from Howie Klein on Vimeo.