11/30/2011 04:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sports Blitz Now: Urban Meyer's Ohio St. Return, the BCS and Chris Paul to the Celtics?

In the sixth episode of Sports Blitz Now -- the brand new Huffington Post sports radio show -- Jordan Schultz and host Scott Braun break down the start of the NBA season, namely the potential trade of Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo, along with the potential of Dwight Howard being dealt to the Nets.

They also discussed the Urban Meyer-Ohio St. hire, the possibility of Georgia upsetting LSU in the SEC Championship (Jordan's pick), and how the Tigers could feasibly still play for the national title. In addition, they weighed in on the Red Sox hire of Bobby Valentine and how he will instantly alter the clubhouse in comparison to Terry Francona.

Further, Braun and Schultz answered the mailbag by considering just how much fault Jim Caldwell deserves for the winless Colts, and why Indy could very possibly keep Peyton Manning while also getting Andrew Luck in April's NFL Draft.

All that and much more on the one-hour show, which will air every Wednesday afternoon on HuffPost Sports. Every show will also be available for free on iTunes, where you can subscribe right here.

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