08/15/2008 06:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Left, Right and Center : Russia, Georgia; DemoCon-Hill, Bill; Dems and Oil; SwiftBoat 2

Russia continues to occupy Georgia and doesn't appear to be backing down; is this Georgia's fault? Tony says Russia's the villain but that US policy has been pushing at their borders with no strength to back it up. Russia didn't just mobilize in 48 hours - the US was unprepared for what they had planned. Arianna says this is just a reminder that in the campaign, national security will still be the lead issue and that Obama wasn't bold or strong enough. Was McCain strong or just bellicose? Tony says he was out front speaking persuasively, and it took Bush four days to catch up with him. Instead of windsurfing in Hawaii, say the panelists, Obama should have been making daily press statements, in a suit, with flags waving behind him. Then the big debate about the Clintons at the Convention - stay tuned for this one, it's pretty darned smart and amusing. Arianna says Obama should hire Tony as his campaign strategist...but retracts the offer when he talks about the Dems and offshore oil drilling. But Tony says "I have no desire to be the David Gergen of the 21st century." Is Pelosi backtracking on offshore drilling? Arianna says elections are a teachable moment...and the Dems should not capitulate on this issue.