09/07/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Left, Right & Center: Big Dog Diplomacy, Sotomayor, Health Care, and Economy

Bob wanted to make the point that the anniversary of Hiroshima nuclear bombing has been largely overlooked by media and he manages to weave it into the discussion about Bill Clinton, the former President who brought home the 2 journalists from North Korea. Much back and forth ensues about fascism and World War 2 facts/myths.

Sotomayor: didn't they used to vote on qualifications? Now it's just a big ideology fest, scoring points for the parties. Meantime, at least a few GOP senators relented and voted her in.

Health Care Town Halls - have they been disrupted by a coordinated Astro-Turf brigade, are these REAL people or is the anger being orchestrated? Are we in a moment that could lead us to fascism? When the people rise, they turn to extremes says Tony, whether right or left. And both he and Arianna think this is a moment to be wary of.