05/25/2011 09:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

HuffPost's Alex Wagner Discusses Budget Negotiations On MSNBC (VIDEO)

HuffPost's Alex Wagner appeared Wednesday on MSNBC to discuss ongoing budget negotiations as well as other topics.

Addressing the issue of potential Medicare cuts, Wagner explained, "the Republicans have been I think pretty masterful in terms of framing this debate and really getting the Democrats to come out and say, okay we've gotta tackle Medicare. For a long time the White House said, entitlement programs are not an immediate threat to the economy. They've since, they've changed course on that. But you know, given the manna from heaven that is you know the Paul Ryan GOP Medicare plan, there is no way the Democrats are gonna come anywhere close to tackling the program in the same way that the Republicans have, which is to create a voucher program."

The topic of Elizabeth Warren also came up, and Wagner explained, "Republicans have not liked her [Warren] since the beginning. And that's not just because of what's she's trying to do on Wall Street and reform banks, I mean the housing industry doesn't like her. She was releasing some reforms for mortgage documents, and they don't like that, they think it stifles innovation on the mortgage side."


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