04/19/2012 02:53 am ET Updated Jun 18, 2012

Arianna Visits 'The Colbert Report' To Talk Pulitzers, Military Families

Arianna appeared on "The Colbert Report" Wednesday to discuss the Huffington Post's first-ever Pulitzer Prize, awarded this week for David Wood's "Beyond the Battlefield" series.

When asked during the interview what was the goal of the series, Arianna explained:

The same thing that you did last week, asking people how to help military families that are ignored, especially during this campaign, that's what David Wood's 10-part series on returning vets -- dealing with their struggles, their wounds, the impact on their families and communities -- that's what it did.

She also pointed out that the end of each "Beyond the Battlefield" article linked to another page where readers could begin the process of giving back to military families.

Still, none of that is to say that Colbert and Arianna didn't generate some laughs, as well. When the Comedy Central host began suggesting that The Huffington Post was nothing more than "opposite Fox News," the two began to exchange good-humored barbs, much to the audience's delight.

"Why don't you and Rupert Murdoch just go to a field and settle this with pistols?" Colbert quipped.

Arianna quickly riposted, asking Colbert, "Who is writing your questions, Joe the Plumber?"

To which Colbert responded, "I wish he was. That man's a patriot."

Arianna had the final word, though: "The Huffington Post is not about Right vs. Left, it's about right vs. wrong."