02/05/2012 11:56 am ET Updated Apr 06, 2012

Arianna Discusses GOP Voters' Acceptance Of Romney On ABC's 'This Week'

Arianna discussed Mitt Romney's Nevada caucus win on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

"Something happened last night," she said. "If you look at all these months, there were so many Republicans absolutely focused on anyone but Romney. And last night you saw that shift, and you had almost that feeling of, "Okay...Romney," of kind of reconciling themselves with the inevitable, that here will be their nominee."

She also criticized his Nevada victory speech, during which he said he would build America's military "so strong no one would think of challenging it."

Arianna said that "It's not a general election speech ... to say that 'I want a military that's so powerful that no one will challenge that'? Nobody believes that."

She also discussed the Susan G. Koman Planned Parenthood controversy. The breast cancer charity had announced it would cut off funding for breast cancer screenings, which resulted in intense backlash. Days later, Koman reversed its decision.

"The attempt to politicize this issue backfired, and people said this is not a left-right issue," she said.

WATCH (via ABC):

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