04/03/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Arianna Discusses Scott Brown, Rush Limbaugh And Glenn Beck On The Joy Behar Show (VIDEO)

On Monday night, Arianna went on the Joy Behar Show to talk with Behar and Candy Crowley about Scott Brown and his no-regrets attitude about his nude Cosmopolitan centerfold photo spread.

"Do I regret doing that? No. " Brown told Barbara Walters in a recent interview. Brown added, somewhat mysteriously, "'cause if I hadn't done that I never would have been sitting here with you."

On Behar's show, Arianna sympathized with Brown's lack of regrets. "I actually believe that whatever we do in our lives, especially our failures, somehow are all connected to the successes we have. Certainly it's true in my own life, I tell my daughters that all the time: don't be afraid of trying something that doesn't work."

"In his case, that was a pretty good centerfold," she continued. "I don't know precisely how it lead him to be the Senator elect from Massachusetts, but I believe him. There is a kind of magic to these connections in our lives."

After Brown, Arianna delved into her recent back-and-forth with Glenn Beck. In a later segment, the ladies dissected Rush Limbaugh's stint as a Miss America judge. Watch both clips below.