08/11/2013 11:30 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2013

Arianna Discusses WaPo Sale On ABC's 'This Week' (VIDEO)

Arianna appeared on ABC's "This Week" to discuss the sale of the Washington Post and the changing media landscape.

"It's interesting how everything has changed, but also it's interesting how much faster you can create a brand now," she said. "Obviously The Washington Post is a historic, legendary media brand. But look at brands that were created in the last few years. Twitter, 2006, Instagram, 2010, Huffington Post, 2005."

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was buying the iconic newspaper for $250 million.

Also discussing the news was New Yorker editor David Remnick, Bloomberg TV anchor Cory Johnson and conservative pundit George Will.

Watch the full clip below.