08/30/2012 10:13 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Arianna On 'Morning Joe': Huffington Discusses Getting America Back To Work (VIDEO)

Arianna stopped by the 'Morning Joe' studio at the GOP convention in Tampa to discuss the 'What Is Working' event and, one of her favorite topics, sleep.

Talking about the 'What is Working' Panel that she recently hosted, she said: "It was a panel that focused on the jobs crisis, which hasn't exactly been front and center at the convention, and what we can do without waiting for Washington to come up with solutions. What can the private sector and not-for-profits do to change the narrative around job creation?"

Responding to host Joe Scarborough's comments that "we have to take responsibility ourselves," when it comes to solving the jobs crisis, Arianna said: "We can't just be bystanders, because nothing is going to happen until the new administration and maybe very little after the new administration when it comes to jobs."

When it comes to sleep - Arianna said that "making your sleep really good means not having your cellphones charging next to you, not having lights in the room, and also trying to skip some things. I skipped the parties last night and I got more sleep - I feel really good this morning!"

Watch the full segment below:

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