03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Arianna On "The Ed Show": It Is Absurd To Cede Control Of Health Care Reform To Joe Lieberman

Senator Joe Lieberman has pushed the health care debate to a level of absurdity that can't be ignored, Arianna argued on Tuesday evening. During her appearance on The Ed Show with Ed Schultz, Arianna took issue with the power bestowed upon the Independent Democratic senator from Connecticut and she blamed the White House and others for caving and empowering Lieberman.

"The White House is kind of arguing that they didn't pressure Sen. Reid to cave into Lieberman, that everyone was in agreement. But the bottom line is that everyone caved in, and that's not the sort of change that we believe in."

Arianna also warned against empty reform and the notion that passing a bill just to pass a bill will earn the White House and Democrats higher poll numbers, "...Let's not pretend that we can just have any bill pass and declare it reform, the way we did with education... The White House is convinced that the minute they pass health care reform, the numbers are going to change. This is absolutely untrue."


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