04/01/2014 10:39 am ET Updated Jun 01, 2014

Arianna Talks About Thriving With Bloomberg West

Arianna appeared on Bloomberg West Tuesday morning to discuss her new book, 'Thrive,' which proposes a new way of defining success beyond money and power.

"I wrote this book because I realized that my own personal wakeup call -- when I collapsed from exhaustion and burnout in April 2007 -- was also reflected in our culture. Millions of people are burned out."

She described collapsing in her office, hitting her head on her desk, breaking her cheekbone and requiring stitches.

'It started me asking this question -- What is success? By conventional definitions of success, which is mostly the first two metrics of money and power, I was successful, but by any sane definition of success, you are not successful if you are lying in a pool of blood on your office floor," she said.

That breakthrough moment led Arianna to question why she wasn't taking care of herself. She now defines success with a third metric, which focuses on wellbeing -- unplugging from technology, getting enough sleep, and opening up life to joy.

The interview with Arianna begins at 21 minutes. Watch it below: