10/03/2011 11:04 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rita Wilson Talks Huff/Post 50 On The 'Today' Show (VIDEO)

Actress Rita Wilson stopped by the 'Today' show to talk about the launch of Huff/Post 50, of which she is the Editor-At-Large.

Talking about life in her 50's, Wilson said: "It's a cool time, you feel more vibrant then ever. You understand how you want to spend the next third or more of your life Distractions seem to fall away and you really focus in on what you want to do."

Wilson also outlined how her own life situation might help her to connect with a Boomer-generation audience: "I'm exposed to a lot. I'm dealing with many of the issues that boomers deal with. I have a mom who's 90 who needs a little bit of help right now, but she's incredibly independent and vibrant. I'm also still incredibly alive in terms of the work that I'm doing and I also have a grandchild, and I have teenagers, so there's a lot to be juggling there!"

As for her vision for her new domain? She said: "So many people are re-inventing themselves either by choice or by not having a choice, you know we're in a very rough economy now with people losing their jobs. So I'm really interested in how people are taking on those challenges that are being brought to them at 50 and above."

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