07/12/2010 02:55 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ryan Grim Discusses Governors' Discontent With Washington On MSNBC (VIDEO)

Huffington Post political reporter Ryan Grim went on MSNBC this afternoon to discuss the National Governors Association meeting this past weekend and governors' discontent with Washington's inability to provide enough federal aid to states.

Grim explained that 30 of the 50 states have already made their budgets expecting to get a certain amount of money in the form of federal aid, but that congress has been unable to pass an extension of the aid program, leaving the states facing huge deficits.

"It's a power struggle between the state officials and the federal officials," Grim said. "The state officials say, 'Oh, look at Washington, spending out of control, they're insane, we need to throw all the bums out of Washington,' and then at the same time they say, 'Hey, how bout a couple billion to help me plug my gap.'"