06/01/2010 09:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sam Stein On 'Ed Show': BP Criminal Charges, Congressman Kirk's False Military Award, Arizona Immigration Law (VIDEO)

Sam Stein and Republican strategist John Feehery appeared in the "Rapid Fire" segment on Tuesday's edition of the "Ed Show."

Ed Schultz began the segment with a discussion on the announcement of civil and criminal investigations into BP.

"Obviously everyone's first goal is plugging the hole, but we got to keep in mind the fact that 11 people actually died on that platform and those people deserve some form of justice," Stein said.

The conversation then turned to Rep. Mark Kirk's false claim to have won the Navy's Intelligence Officer of the Year award. Feehery and Stein agreed that the fact that Kirk should be acknowledged for his military service, but disagreed, however, when it came to whether Kirk should be held in the same regard as Connecticut Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal.

The two came to agreement again when the topic changed to a new poll conducted on Arizona's immigration law that showed that a majority of Americans were not only in favor of the law, but also approved of their states adopting similar legislation. While they both agreed that the poll numbers make it clear that Americans do not like illegal immigration, Stein argued that there were other ways to go about it without fostering any sort of racial profiling.


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