02/08/2011 03:17 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tim Armstrong: AOL 'The Anti-Corporation Right Now' (VIDEO)

Piers Morgan welcomed Arianna and AOL CEO Tim Armstrong to his CNN studio on Monday night. The duo was there to discuss AOL's acquisition of The Huffington Post.

"The most important thing for me is that this baby is now actually going to grow at an exponential rate," Arianna said of the five-year-old company.

Morgan honed in on the business culture of AOL, and Armstrong pointed to what his company has done in the past year and a half since spinning out of Time-Warner. "We've gotten rid of assets that don't fit into the future vision," he noted. "We've added new assets, and we've organically changed our traffic, and our interaction with advertisers and consumers.

Pressed by Morgan about AOL still being a large corporation, Armstrong said "I think we're actually the anti-corporation right now. We may be corporate in some degree, but I think we're getting the best entrepreneurs in the world to come to this company."