11/23/2008 05:12 am ET Updated 6 days ago

YouTube and the Election

There are 318,000 videos tagged with the words Barack Obama on YouTube now, and 177,000 tagged with John McCain's name. The question is of course, how many of those are against and how many are for each candidate. Trust me, I'm not going to watch them all just so I can find out. Searching for John McCain on YouTube actually leads you to a link to McCain's website. So maybe he's not so internet dumb after all... but typing in Obama's name gets you to a mini documentary about Phillip J Berg's lawsuit claiming Barack is not a natural born American and thus not entitled to be the president. As a foreigner I am mystified by people who regard the constitution with the same reverence as the bible. It's a wonderful document, but a society is a living, breathing thing and a constitutional statute that was intended to stop popular foreigners (like foreign royalty, for instance) from taking over the US doesn't seem to be very relevant these days. Personally I would love to see Schwarzenegger run for the big office.

But the majority for both seem to be clips and mash-ups from people trying to make their case for or against whichever candidate they love or hate the most, trying to show that whatever they said proves they're a liar. Or whatever. YouTube makes it pretty hard to hide from your mistakes these days.

And amidst all the noise there is the occasional gem.
Full disclosure: the director's a friend of mine, but I wouldn't put it up here if I didn't think it was a nice piece of film making.