08/20/2013 02:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ellen DeGeneres Picks Her Top 10 Ellen Moments

When it comes to daytime TV, there's only one talk-show host who can really get her guests to let their guards down: Ellen DeGeneres. With her easy-going, laid-back attitude, she has no problem getting Britney Spears to learn 'Gangnam Style' in front of a live audience, asking Taylor Swift to face her fears in a haunted hallway, or convincing a 4-year-old Bruno Mars fan to sing his heart out to 'Grenade.' As DeGeneres gets ready to kick off a new season of The Ellen Show and prepares to host the Oscars in February, the Hulu team asked her to share 10 of her favorite moments from the last season of The Ellen Show. Get ready for celebrity doppelgänger face-offs and silly pranks at the local CostCo.

#1: Britney Learns 'Gangnam Style' from Psy
"This was one of my favorite moments from Season 10. I've accomplished a lot of wonderful things on my show, but teaching Britney Spears how to dance Gangnam style was definitely a high point," DeGeneres says.

#2 Charming 4-Year-Old Kai Sings 'Grenade'
"This was one of the most adorable moments that's ever happened on my show. Kai may only be 4 years old, but he knows a lot about how to sell a performance. I'm proud to call him my boyfriend."

#3 'Finding Dory' Announcement
"This season, I was thrilled to announce that Pixar is making a sequel to Finding Nemo! I never stopped asking them to do it. It only took 10 little years."

#4 Kate McKinnon Takes Over for Ellen
"Kate McKinnon was here for the first time and she impersonated one her favorite talk show hosts, Steve Harvey. I'm just kiddin'. I'm Ellen."

#5 Sofia Vergara Halloween Costume
"When I was getting ready to be Sofia Vergara for Halloween, I spent a whole week in character, which was really challenging because I couldn't understand anything I was saying."

#6 Jennifer Aniston Reunites with 'Friends' Co-Stars
"When Jennifer Aniston was getting ready to cohost my show, she ran into a few other "Friends" of hers. This is one of my favorite moments from Season 10."

#7 Hidden Camera Pranks at CostCo
"I love sending my writer Amy to 'talk the lyrics' of a song for a hidden camera prank. It always makes me laugh, and brings her one step closer to finding a husband."

#8 Taylor Swift Gets a Fright
"There's so much to love about Taylor Swift. She's kind, she's gorgeous, she's an amazing artist, and when you scare her, she crumbles like a potato chip."

#9 Miley Cyrus' Bachelorette Surprise
"This season, Miley Cyrus learned a valuable lesson: Nobody throws a bachelorette party like Auntie Ellen."

#10 Sophia Grace & Rosie Perform 'Trouble'
"I knew these two were trouble when they walked in. But I never guessed they'd be this entertaining. Sophia Grace and Rosie are always a favorite of mine."