09/28/2011 06:26 pm ET Updated Nov 28, 2011

Rick Perry, Conservative? or Corporatist?

Disappointment is a bipartisan game.

Most conservatives realized by the end of George W. Bush's term that he was a political faker. Sure, he put on a nice conservative act, but his record in office -on spending, immigration, and other issues dear to the conservative heart--made clear that he was really a water boy for multinational corporate interests that care little for the United States or conservative principles. As Jefferson observed, "Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains."

But his cowboy hat vaudeville act was so successful in gulling the Republican electorate that the corporate-dominated Republican establishment seems to have decided to give it another try. They don't seem to have quite settled on Rick Perry yet, and indeed there are reports they have serious reservations, but he's definitely been auditioning.

Now this man must be not only conservative, but a real hard-core right wing patriot! We have photographic proof because he waved a gun over his head in public! Gosh. That proves he's no liberal. Liberals can't stand the man! And didn't he even mention the word "secession" once or twice?

Sorry, folks. It's all posturing, posturing, and more posturing--though liberal readers may not exactly find this reassuring.

If it makes conservative readers feel any better, liberals fell for the same trick, albeit from the other direction, when they elected President Obama. I mean, a black person--even one who got more money from Goldman Sachs and its employees than John McCain--must be different, right? He couldn't possibly be the same old stuff in a new package, could he?

Our rulers aren't cynical people who would stoop to such a trick, after all.

The best way to get a handle on where Rick Perry's real political heart lies is to look at his list of $100,000-plus donors (courtesy of the Texas Ethics Commission, collated by the liberal group Texans for Public Justice). These are the footprints of crony capitalism, also known as corporatism. No comment on the following list is needed; just peruse it and see what impression it leaves you with.

$4,000,000 Republican Governors Association RGA

$2,531,799 Bob & Doylene Perry Perry Homes
$1,120,000 Harold C. Simmons Contran Corp.
$750,000 Republican National State Elections Committee RNSEC
$715,308 Thomas Dan Friedkin Friedkin Companies Inc.
$705,000 Kenny & Lisa Troutt Mt. Vernon Investments LLC
$612,000 Friends of Phil Gramm Friends of Phil Gramm PAC
$563,334 George Brint & Amanda Ryan Ryan & Co. P.C.
$537,740 Peter & Julianna Hawn Holt Holt Companies/San Antonio Spurs
$506,740 AT&T, Inc. PAC AT&T
$496,668 Lonnie A. Pilgrim Pilgrim's Pride Poultry
$490,258 Robert Sr & Michelle Mosbacher Sr. Mosbacher Energy Co.
$421,000 James Doug Pitcock Jr. Williams Brothers Construction
$420,000 J. Ralph & Joy Ellis Jr. Belmont Oil & Gas Corp.
$416,546 Larry Anders Summit Alliance Companies
$410,000 Texas Association of Realtors Texas Association of Realtors
$408,758 Paul L. Foster Western Refining Co.
$400,500 Gary R. Petersen EnCap Investments LP
$398,625 B.J. 'Red' & Charline McCombs Red McCombs Automotive Group
$395,070 Charles W. & Judy Tate Capital Royalty LLC
$390,111 L. E. Simmons SCF Partners
$382,889 Jeff Davis Sandefer Sandefer Capital Partners LP
$378,967 Charles Wood Jr. Dallas Fire Insurance Co.
$377,500 T. Boone Pickens BP Capital
$372,500 S. Reed Morian DX Holding Company Inc.
$369,144 Woody L. & Gayle G. Hunt Hunt Corp.
$365,002 R. Steven & Donna Hicks Capstar Partners LLC
$361,533 Robert & Terry Rowling TRT Holdings, Inc.
$355,000 North Cypress Medical Center North Cypress Medical Center
$337,027 Lee Bass Bass Brothers Enterprises
$336,000 Alice L. Walton Wal-Mart
$331,000 Stevan Hammond Marketing Investors Corp.
$330,578 Charles Berndon Lawrence Kirby Corp.
$330,000 Robert C. McNair Jr. Cogen Technologies/Houston Texans
$327,910 Tilman J. Fertitta Landry's Restaurants Inc.
$327,500 James D. & Shirley M. Dannenbaum Dannenbaum Engineering
$320,136 Texas Association of Builders Texas Association of Builders
$317,179 Richard Scott Trans-Global Solutions, Inc
$310,000 Robert Waltrip Service Corporation International
$305,000 Gulf States Toyota Inc. Gulf States Toyota
$301,000 Clifton L. Thomas Jr. Speedy Stop Convenience Stores
$300,000 Moshe Azoulay Skyrise Properties, LLC
$290,000 Forrest E. Hoglund SeaOne Maritime Corp.
$289,593 Phil D Adams Phil Adams Company
$287,750 H. Ross Perot Jr. Hillwood Development Group/Dell Perot
$286,400 Lowry & Peggy Mays Clear Channel Entertainment
$285,000 Jeffery D. Hildebrand Hilcorp Energy Company
$283,919 John L. & Barbara E. Nau III Silver Eagle Distributors L.P.
$283,888 Dan L. Duncan Enterprise Products Partners
$281,127 Robert T. Brockman Universal Computer Systems
$279,000 Dian Owen Graves Stai Owen Healthcare Inc.
$275,000 J. Dan Brown Brown Distributing Co. Ltd.
$275,000 Richard & Jill Salwen Dell Inc
$272,653 Larry Martin USA Waste
$269,000 Richard Wallrath Champion Window, Inc.; Champion Ranch
$268,500 Stanley K. Harper Lenders & Members Service Group Inc.
$268,000 Louis A. & Julie Beecherl III Beecherl Companies
$267,902 J. Robert & Sherry Brown n/a Desert Eagle Distributing Co.
$266,290 L. Frederick Francis Bank of the West
$265,000 Ray L. Hunt Hunt Consolidated, Inc.
$262,000 Texas Friends of Time Warner Cable Texas Friends of Time Warner Cable
$261,652 Ned S. Holmes Parkway Investments/Texas Inc.
$258,000 Erle A. & Alice Nye TXU Energy Corp.
$257,126 Drayton McLane Jr. McLane Company Inc.
$255,000 BG Distribution Partners BG Distribution Partners, Ltd.
$253,837 HillCo Hillco Partners
$250,000 Charles C. Butt HEB Grocery Co.
$250,000 National Republican Senatorial Committee NRSC
$248,333 Johnny Baker Baker Managers LLC
$247,401 John McStay McStay & Associates
$245,000 Peter & Edith Jones O'Donnell Jr. O'Donnell Foundation
$239,233 James R. & Cecelia Leininger Kinetic Concepts Inc.
$238,635 Lee Roy Mitchell Cinemark USA Inc.
$235,000 James C. Flores Plains Exploration & Production Co.
$233,500 Texas Dental Association Texas Dental Association
$231,500 Albert D. [Mr/Mrs.] Huddleston Hyperion Resources Inc.
$231,000 George C. 'Tim' & Karen Hixon Hixon Properties
$229,422 Gerald Rubin Helen of Troy
$225,000 Border Health Border Health PAC
$221,500 William A. & Wendy J. Boothe MD Boothe Eye Care & Laser Center
$221,295 Texans for Lawsuit Reform Texans For Lawsuit Reform
$221,000 Brad & Stephanie Tucker Mustang Tractor & Equipment Co.
$218,115 Bobby and Phyllis Ray Hovnanian Ent.
$215,000 Texas Apartment Association Texas Apartment Association
$215,000 Sam Wyly Ranger Capital
$209,094 Vance & Geraldine 'Tincy' Miller Henry S. Miller Companies
$207,000 Morton L. Topfer Castletop Capital Management
$206,000 Donald J. Carter Jr. Home Interiors & Gifts, Inc.
$205,000 Hushang Ansary Stewart & Stevenson
$203,375 Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson Linebarger Heard Goggan Blair Pena & Samson
$202,500 TXU Energy PAC TXU Energy Corp.
$201,879 James L. Huffines Jr. Huffines Auto Dealerships
$201,463 James Dondero Highland Capital Management LP
$200,000 James Schneider Dell Inc
$193,682 Fulbright & Jaworski LLP Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.
$190,402 James Lee Ascendant Advisors, LLC
$190,000 Vinson & Elkins Texas Vinson & Elkins L.L.P.
$188,900 Associated General Contractors of Texas Associated General Contractors
$187,000 Joe R. & Teresa Long First State Bank Central Texas
$185,500 William P. Clements Jr. SEDCO
$185,000 United Services Automobile Association Group United Services Automobile ASN
$184,946 Frank & Mary Yturria Yturria Ranch
$182,720 Bobby D. and Leona Cox Bobby Cox Companies Inc.
$178,419 Danny Janecka J&B Foods
$177,300 James P. Wilson Rice Sangalis Toole & Wilson
$174,926 Texas Medical Association Texas Medical Association
$173,300 Robert D. Gillikin Cummins Southern Plains Inc.
$167,500 Bank of America Bank of America Corp.
$166,918 SBC Corp. SBC
$165,291 Harold & Beth A. Hahn Rocky Mortgage Company
$165,211 Clayton W. & Modesta Williams Jr. Clayton Williams Energy Inc.
$165,000 Mickey & Renee Long Westex Well Services
$165,000 Joe Sanderson Jr. Sanderson Farms
$165,000 H. B. 'Bartell' Jr. & Mollie Zachry Jr. Zachry Construction Corp.
$163,946 Richard W. Weekley Weekley Properties/Texans for Lawsuit Reform
$161,500 W. Marvin & Barbara Rush Rush Enterprise Inc.
$159,336 Texas Optometric PAC Texas Optometric PAC
$156,000 Gerald Stool Greenway Investment Co.
$155,000 Ronald Steve Letbetter Reliant Energy Inc.
$155,000 Union Pacific Fund Union Pacific Railroad
$152,500 Bennett Joe Glazer Glazer's Family of Companies
$151,000 Independent Insurance Agents of Texas Independent Insurance Agents of Texas
$150,000 Gallagher Law Firm Gallagher Law Firm
$150,000 Kent R. Hance Texas Tech University System
$150,000 John Herschel McCall Armstrong McCall Beauty Supply
$150,000 Curtis W. Mewbourne Mewbourne Oil Company
$150,000 James R. Moffett Freeport-McMoRan Inc.
$150,000 Trevor D. Rees-Jones Chief Oil & Gas LLC
$150,000 Michael Stevens Michael Stevens Interests Inc.
$148,500 Morris Foster Exxon Mobil Corporation
$148,000 Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP
$147,925 Jerry and Glenda Kane Sam Kane Beef Processors Inc.
$147,500 Chickasaw Nation Chickasaw Nation
$145,150 Clayton Reaser Texas Teachers, LLC
$143,500 Texas Consumer Finance Association Texas Consumer Finance Association
$142,115 David & Teresa Disiere Deep South Holding L.P.
$140,578 Valero PAC Valero Energy Corp
$140,284 Republican Party of Texas Republican Party of Texas
$140,000 Texas Oil & Gas Texas Oil & Gas Association
$137,067 Anne W. Marion Burnett Oil Co.
$136,616 R. Michael Ward Double Diamond Companies
$135,953 Nathan E. Crain Crain Information Systems
$135,000 Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway
$133,333 J. Frank Miller III JPI Companies
$130,230 Harlan R. & Katherine Crow Crow Holdings
$128,090 H. Gary and Diane Heavin Curves International, Inc.
$128,000 J. O. Stewart Jr. Community Capital Corp.
$127,549 Independent Bankers Association Independent Bankers Association
$127,500 Allan Polunsky Polunsky & Beitel LLP
$126,000 William A. & Nancy F. McMinn Sterling Group
$125,000 Gene Phillips Prime Income Asset Mgt
$125,000 Polunsky & Beitel LLP Polunsky & Beitel LLP
$125,000 Texas Automobile Dealers Association Texas Automobile Dealers Association
$125,000 Michael Vollman Vignette Corp.
$125,000 Charles J. Wyly Jr. Ranger Capital
$124,000 Chaz Glace Chasco Contracting Co.
$123,700 Eugene H. Dawson Jr. Pape-Dawson Engineers Inc.
$122,500 Vernon & Emily Reaser III Texas Teachers, LLC
$120,000 Robert Stillwell BP Capital
$120,000 Texas Aggregates & Concrete Association Texas Aggregates & Concrete Association
$119,500 Richard Sheldon Rick Sheldon Real Estate
$116,500 W Jonas Holland & Knight
$115,502 Gordon T. Graves Graves Management, Inc.
$115,000 Richard Fant New Process Steel
$115,000 Farmers Employee & Agent PAC Farmers Insurance Co
$115,000 Julia Jones Matthews Dodge Jones Foundation
$112,500 Baker Botts Amicus Fund Baker Botts LLP
$112,500 Christopher (Kit) Goldsbury Jr. Silver Ventures Inc.
$112,300 Weldon R. Denman Denman & Company
$112,228 Republican Party of Texas Victory 2002 RPT
$112,000 Mike G. Rutherford Sr. Rutherford Oil Co.
$110,848 Thomas O. Hicks Hicks Muse Tate & Furst
$110,250 Toby and Melissa Neugebauer Quantum Energy Partners
$110,000 Teamsters DRIVE Committee International Brotherhood of Teamsters
$109,500 David and Jennifer Spencer Mandelbrot Ventures Inc.
$108,700 John Victor Lattimore Jr. Lattimore Materials
$107,688 Leslie Doggett WL Doggett¿ LLC
$107,500 Gary & Susan Farmer Heritage Title Company of Austin Inc.
$107,083 Winstead P.C. Winstead PC
$106,250 S. Wil Vanloh Jr. Quantum Energy
$106,000 Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP
$105,000 Texas Society of Architects Committee Texas Society of Architects
$104,225 Texas Hospital Association Texas Hospital Association
$104,000 Jack A. Cardwell Petro Stopping Centers
$103,587 William F. Scott Trans-Global Solutions (TGS), Inc
$102,500 Texas Bankers Association Texas Bankers Association
$102,000 Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants
$101,000 J. Kyle Bass Hayman Advisors, LP
$101,000 Ray Davis Energy Transfer Partners
$101,000 Grande Communications Grande Communications
$100,000 ACC Capital Holdings ACC Capital Holdings
$100,000 Sid Bass Bass Brothers Enterprises
$100,000 Glenn Collins NeoDyme Technologies
$100,000 Darwin Deason Affiliated Computers Services, Inc.
$100,000 Dlloyd Investments Ltd. Dlloyd Investments Ltd.
$100,000 Mark W. Eidman Scott Douglas & McConnico LLP
$100,000 Foster Friess Brandywine Financial
$100,000 Marcus Hiles Western Rim Investments
$100,000 Koch PAC Koch Industries
$100,000 Scott Kubitz EP Fitness
$100,000 John McHale Tipping Point Co.
$100,000 Charles & Beth Miller Meridian Advisors
$100,000 Ira Rennert Renco Group
$100,000 Texas Health Care Association Texas Health Care Association

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...