05/22/2012 03:16 pm ET Updated Jul 22, 2012

It's Summer Time!

It is great to be connecting with you all again! It seems like a lot has happened since my last column...

A top 10 finish at the Masters, a two week trip to Asia and a great week at the PLAYERS Championship, I can really feel myself playing my way into great form.

It's official -- summer is here. When I arrived back in Orlando after two weeks in Asia on the European tour, it felt like someone had turned up the oven when I stepped off the plane. The humidity had definitely jumped up a notch or two! Summer means we are getting ready for the bulk of the golf season. I have a great run of tournaments coming up and can't wait to get started. Summer also means rearranging the closet a little -- putting the sweaters away and getting out everything that helps you keep cool. Having moved into my new home last week (after nearly three years of torture!) it was definitely time to get organized.

When I was going through my closet and getting ready for the summer, it made me think of some great tips on dressing for the summer I wanted to share with you.

Wherever we are in the world, summers are getting hotter, which makes it increasingly more important to dress appropriately. In my last post I referenced the mantra of my company, IJP Design... "Look good, feel good, play great." With the hot weather, "feeling good" in what you wear becomes even more important. I use the following rules to make sure I stay as cool as possible while still looking good on the course during the hot summer months.

Rule # 1: Always wear breathable fabrics

We live in an age where technology is king. There have been some great innovations in fabric technology in the last few years and you should definitely take advantage of them! I would encourage you to always check the labels of what you buy to make sure it is breathable. Some shirts even guarantee a certain level SPF protection. This is no substitute for sunscreen but can't do any harm.

Rule # 2: Protect your eyes

It is extremely important to wear sunglasses not only when you play golf but anytime you expose your eyes to the sun. Sunglass usage has been proven to even help your long term vision. I am fortunate to be an Oakley ambassador. Oakley has an array of glasses that not only look great but perform well too. There are plenty of options out there but make sure you have the correct lens for the amount of sun to which you will be exposed.

Rule # 3: Headwear, headwear, headwear

Not wearing a hat or visor on the golf course is what I would call "a schoolboy error." Without shielding your head from the sunlight you run the risk of sunstroke and heat exhaustion.

Rule # 4: Splashes of color

In the sun it is often best to wear light colors which will help ease the sun's intensity. This doesn't mean you can't stand out! Try using shirts with some simple splashes of color or even using accessories like hats, belts, shoes or sunglasses to brighten things up!

Rule #5: Wear sunscreen

Protecting yourself from the sun's rays is as important as not grounding your club in a bunker -- both will ruin your day. In fact, consistent exposure to the sun can cause numerous skin diseases and cancer. Make sure to wear an appropriate SPF based upon your complexion and the amount of time you plan to spend in the sun.

I hope these tips help. Remember to be yourself and play great.

I look forward to connecting with you again just before the U.S. Open, when I will discuss Father's Day fashion!