01/30/2013 11:42 am ET Updated Apr 01, 2013

Marsha Blackburn & "Chorus of Skeptics" Doubt Obama Skeet Shooting

What's a 'skeeter'? If you loved 'birthers' and 'truthers', well, I've got a new one for you. Read on:

So, is there nothing left for right-wingers to deny about President Obama? Apparently not.

You see, Representative Marsha Blackburn, Republican of Tennessee, spoke out this week and expressed her doubts regarding the veracity of President Obama's recent statements that, not only does he respect the rights of gun owners, he has in fact himself enjoyed skeet shooting with friends occasionally during visits to the presidential retreat at Camp David. In fact, Rep. Blackburn is actually part of a "chorus of skeptics" -- I've dubbed them 'skeeters' -- who are questioning whether the president has ever really participated in skeet shooting. We definitely need a hearing. Maybe Senators Ron Johnson and Rand Paul want to participate. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Back to Rep. Blackburn.

According to CNN's politicalticker... blog:

"'If he is a skeet shooter, why have we not heard of this? Why have we not seen photos? Why hasn't he referenced this at any point in time?' Blackburn said Monday on CNN's 'Erin Burnett OutFront.'

[...] 'We had this debate that is ongoing,' Blackburn said. 'You would have thought it would have been a point of reference.'

Rep. Blackburn and other "conservative blogs and news outlets" obviously think that Obama is, well, lying about the whole skeet shooting thing because it will help him pass gun control legislation. Seriously? Seriously.

But let's take Rep. Blackburn's concerns to heart for a minute (please try to stop laughing). Why haven't we heard of this whole skeet shooting thing before? Where are the photographs?

"Because when he goes to Camp David, he goes to spend time with his family and friends and relax, not to produce photographs, [White House press secretary Jay] Carney said."

Do you think such an explanation will satisfy this "chorus of skeptics" (you can see some more of their tweets here)? Doubtful. I wonder if Rep. Blackburn will call Sheriff Joe Arpaio and see if he can take time off from investigating the president's birth certificate to look into this pressing matter.

I'm hoping #skeeters will soon be trending on Twitter, but in any case this 'incident' shows just how nuts right-wing nuts really are.