10/10/2014 03:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

RIGHT NEXT DOOR: C.J. Murphy. Ex-Deputy Sheriff, Charles Street Jail

The phrase "mean streets" might not have been coined to describe Charlestown, the rough Boston neighborhood in which Murphy grew up, but it might as well have. A man of uncommon intelligence, he worked as a local corrections officer, keeping in line the criminal element he might easily have become a part of. Fitness is important in such a job, and Murphy became fascinated by physical training. He left corrections to open a gym in Boston and is now considered one of the finest trainers in the world. His clientele is diverse: average Joes who want to get in better shape, sure, but even more so the muscle-bound strongmen who enter the kinds of competitions in which victory is determined by how far you can pull a semi truck with your bare hands. Rough, tough and physically fit: Murphy, you might say, is certainly playing to his strengths.

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