03/29/2013 12:33 pm ET Updated May 29, 2013

Sen. Murkowski Expresses Intent to Support Gay Marriage at Undisclosed Future Date

Alaska Senator and Republican Lisa Murkowski announced that she understands the dual realities of gay marriage in America by declaring her opinion on gay marriage to be "evolving." Sen. Murkowski is following the example set by President Obama who played an identical charade two years ago when he used that precise buzzword before eventually coming out in favor of gay marriage.

With rapidly increasing public support for same-sex marriage, Sen. Murkowski essentially conceded that one day in the not-too-distant future her constituents will leave her no choice but to fully embrace homosexual unions.

In 1998, with national opinion polls reporting very differently on the matter than they do now, our northernmost state became the first to amend its state constitution to officially make marriage a union between a man and a woman. At the time Murkowski stood firmly in opposition to gay marriage.

Though she has begun her own flip-flop on the issue, she is also allowing that even if this train of public opinion is on an unstoppable course, it is electorally too dangerous to board right now.

Alaska's senior senator is aware, especially in her conservative-leaning rural state, that a crucial bloc of voters is not quite ready to accept this tide of history, so she can't actually endorse gay marriage any more than she can continue her previous and staunch anti-gay marriage stance.

Neither Senator Murkowski, nor any of her staff, have announced the timetable for the completion of her evolution. Nobody is even certain how the senator actually feels about the issue, though it is assumed Murkowski believes herself to be especially patriotic, and that she loves Jesus very, very much.