03/28/2008 02:48 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Living the Green Life: Easy Go, Easy Come - Sleep With Your Neighbor

Want a CO2-free way to get your rocks off?

The Bite:

Boink your roommate or neighbor. A quickie with zero transit time is a genius way to let off steam without letting off CO2. (Don't even get us started on eco-inefficient trans-Atlantic booty calls.)


* Get some luvin' minus the mileage. If you drive just 10 mi to spread the love, you generate 8 lbs of CO2 emissions.
* Build community. In these crazy times, it's nice to really get to know your neighbors.
* Multi-task. Sex burns 100 calories a pop - get a workout without going to the gym.
* Post-coitus, kick 'em out without the guilt - they live right next door. After all, you wanted to sleep with them, not sleep with them.

Personally Speaking

That line in The Bite about trans-Atlantic booty calls? One of our Biter team members sure seems to spend a lot of time in planes. It's not worth the CO2, people! (Well, maybe...)

Wanna Try?

* Forward this tip to a good-looking, single neighbor or roommate. (If they don't respond, don't sweat it - it's probably just email server problems.)
* Ideal Bite's Self-Love Tip - you know, just in case forwarding this tip to your neighbor doesn't work out the way you'd hoped.

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