05/15/2013 02:31 pm ET Updated Jul 15, 2013

My New Show Is ON! Watch Me Get HardWired!

It's finally here... What the world of wearable tech has been waiting for!! Get HardWired and join me on my tech adventure across America as I explore the coolest and most futuristic tech gadgets, styles, accessories, and experiences that are paving the way for the most exciting and uncharted future you could ever imagine.

Everything you're seeing in upcoming films like After Earth are not far off from our new future. Human beings and tech are continuing to blend together more seamlessly and almost symbiotically, which is kinda scary but also so exciting.

This series truly been a labor of love since I get to combine my favorite things - travel, tech and meeting new people!

Join the conversation HardwiredTech, and let me know what futuristic wearable technologies you like most or would what to create. Remember, this is OUR future.

In the first Fitness Tech episode, I pushed myself a little harder than I was ready for, but I wanted to get the most data collected possible for the Jawbone and miCoach Supernova Glide Bra by Adidas with heart monitoring capabilities.

Watch me sweat and then cool down while learning what all this means and how I can use it to improve my well being.