08/08/2012 01:00 pm ET Updated Oct 08, 2012

Bachelor Pad 3 Recap: The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You

In what had to have been the funniest episode of Bachelor Pad ever, the twins bicker about nothing, the guys and girls take up ribbon dancing, and the twins bicker. Again.

The night starts off with Brittany and Erica fighting and crying about who knows what, and then making up.

Chris Harrison announces the challenge for the week, which turns out to be a women-versus-men rhythmic gymnastics competition. In a hilarious rehearsal, the men prance around like reindeer and the women trip and fall over each other. They outfit themselves in teeny costumes and stage makeup and perform for a panel of judges, including past Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and her fiancé, JP, and 2000 Olympian Tasha Schwikert.

After putting on a ridiculously hysterical routine, the judges had to choose the worst two competitors (who automatically get one vote against them) and the best two performers (who will be safe for the week): Erica Rose and Ed are the most gymastically-challenged, and Blakely and Michael are safe for the week. As winners, they get to take three people on a romantic BP date, and a rose is up for grabs on each of those dates!

Just as I'm wondering who Michael will bring on his date, the BP powers that be ruin the suspense by flashing a spoiler preview of what's to come before cutting to commercial.

We return to hear Donna, a super fan, confess her crush on Michael to Jaime and then tell us that back home, she can get any guy she wants. Oddly enough, Michael's here to look for love this time around and chooses Donna, Rachel, and Lindzi to take to a concert and drinks.

The foursome dance and clap in a (small) crowd of assorted mothers, teens, and business professionals, and Rachel scoots past Donna to have some private time with Michael. And private time they had! Rachel plants one on Michael as a sad Donna gives her the evil eye.

Back at the Pad, it's Jaime's 26th birthday. Her "partner," Ryan, seems to harbor some feelings and prepares a sushi dinner and a "Birthday Girl" message written in Twizzlers and marshmallows on her bed. She picks up what he's putting down, but isn't feeling it, and only wants to get closer to Chris so she can partner with him.

Flashing back to Michael's date, Donna steals some one-on-one time with her crush, showing him a portrait she drew of him. He admits that he thinks it's sweet that she's been a huge fan and wants to fulfill her wishes, so he sticks his tongue down her throat, then heads back to Rachel to hand her the date rose.

Blakely and Chris voice their issues about each other as partners, but since Blakely won the safety this week, Chris doesn't want to piss her off. So, in true partner loyalty, Chris kisses Jaime out on the porch, and then he promptly crawls into Blakely's bed so they can share their first kiss. Jaime, whose bunk bed is directly on top of Blakely's, walks in and sees this. Crying ensues.

It's time for Blakely's date, and she brings Ed, Chris, and David (the super fan) to the soapbox race track. Ed's "In A Pickle" (hilarious!) racecar wins him first place, and Chris pouts and broods for several hours.

During the "drinks" portion of their date, David knows he needs to appeal to Blakely's emotional side or else he'll be sent packing, so he does just that. It's not enough to earn the date rose, though, (which goes to Chris), but it's enough to establish some sort of alliance.

Blakely and Chris talk more about their partnership, and I just can't grasp how many times it's necessary to go over the details of their partnership. I guess lots.

Now for the real fun -- the twins!

Tony and Nick have the unfortunate luck of being the twins' guinea pigs for "Project Make Friends" and have to endure some chit-chat-turned-bickering. This bickering goes on into the night, waking up the entire house as the girls scream (about nothing, really) to each other. Erica Rose finds this particularly irritating, while Kalon and Lindzi laugh audibly and poke fun.

A slew of names and comical phrases are used to describe the twins' fighting, including "circus freak show," "nails on a chalkboard," and "mosquitoes." Brittany and Erica choose to leave the house (well, one wanted to, and the other had to follow suit), and the other housemates give various forms of approval.

Cocktail party/voting time! Alliances and strategies form, and, since the twins count as the female player eliminated for the week, only one male is being sent home. Kalon gets half the girls to vote for Ryan, and Reid gets the other half to vote for Ed. Sarah, who made out with Ed the night before, decided to go with Reid's plan and vote against Ed, then beat herself up over the fact that she went against the one guy she actually liked in the house.

To her surprise, Ryan was voted off and Ed will remain, making for an interesting dynamic in weeks to come.

So, BP3 fans, did you find this episode as funny as I did? Aren't you glad the twins are gone? Who is your favorite BP3 hookup so far?