02/05/2013 11:37 am ET Updated Apr 07, 2013

The Bachelor Recap: Tierra-ing Through Montana

This week on The Bachelor, we're headed to Montana so Sean can "test" some of the women (because he hasn't already put them into enough life-threatening situations) on how to brave the great outdoors. And we get the dreaded two-on-one date!

Lindsay scores the coveted one-on-one date and is taken by helicopter to Glacier National Park. Sean admits he almost sent her home on the first night after she showed up in a wedding dress, but, after spending some time with her, he wants to find out if she could potentially be his wife.

In a day-into-evening date, they picnic, then chat under heated lamps, and then dance on a platform above the entire town of White Fish Lake while being serenaded by Sarah Darling. He seems to really like her!

Group date time!

The girls are split into two teams and handed red or blue plaid flannel shirts, then are instructed to compete in a relay race to earn an evening with Sean. They must canoe down the river, buck hay, saw a log, and milk a goat. And then they must drink the goat's milk.

The blue team starts off strong, then the red team catches up, and, before you know it, they're neck and neck! Desiree wins it for the red team by chugging the goat's milk, sending the blue team back to the hotel.

While sitting with the winning team that night, Sean comes to the realization that it's a little late in the journey to be sending "home" women when he needs to get to know them. I think this is code for "someone on the other team was sent home and I was hoping to get some more time with them." He has Chris Harrison collect the losing team and bring them back to the party.

The winning team was upset to hear this news, as they were excited to have more alone time with Sean (and Des drank raw goat's milk for nothing!).

While the girls are on the group date, Tierra makes voodoo dolls of the girls writes in her journal and then decides being asked on a two-on-one date is not acceptable. She puts on a blue plaid shirt (leftover from the losing team?) and storms out of the hotel to find Sean. Interrupting a confessional, she commands Sean's attention and whines that she "came all the way to Montana to hang out with (you)," and getting a two-on-one date was "a slap in the face."

Sean has no idea what to make of this tirade, so he tries to assure her tomorrow will be amazing and then kisses her (making Tierra the third? fourth? girl he's locked lips with tonight). Thankfully, Tierra feels a whole lot better, so all is right in the world.

Sean heads back to the women, proceeds to make out with Catherine, and then has to placate a drunk and sobbing Daniella. Because she showed him another side of her (or just a side of her -- this is the most screen time we've seen of her with Sean), Daniella gets the group date rose. Robyn sneers because Daniella was on the losing team and shouldn't have been there in the first place.

The ominous date card arrives at the hotel, reading "Two women, one rose. One stays, one goes." Jackie and Tierra shudder at their fate.

Tierra and Jackie get to go horseback riding with Sean, and Jackie's horse decides to take it easy. She's trailing (far) behind Tierra and Sean, feeling like a third wheel, but she's determined to win the rose.

Jackie uses her alone time to warn Sean of how terrible Tierra is (Tierrable!), and she basically writes her own ticket home. Upon hearing this, Sean wants to talk to Tierra one on one, and she divulges why she is so scared to open up -- her ex passed away after years of rehab, and she's scared of getting close to someone and losing them.

Sean ends up sending Jackie home, and she, too, warns him to follow his heart and be careful. He takes no one's advice. Sean surprises Tierra with fireworks under the stars.

It's the fifth cocktail party, and Des says she feels like he gives roses to the girls who are having a hard time. Finally, I can agree with something one of the girls says.

During the party, Robyn confronts Tierra about being "on" for the cameras, and Sean walks in while the two battle it out. Sean finally realizes there's some drama, so he pulls Tierra aside. She complains that all the girls are attacking her for everything, which leads Sean to pump other girls for information. Lesley tries to stay neutral while still being informative, but Sean has to decide if Tierra is who she says she is.

Enter: Chris Harrison for some sage advice. Sean "got a weird vibe" from the cocktail party and didn't have a good week -- he's really unsettled about Tierra.

The rose ceremony must go on, so roses are handed out and Robyn is sent home.

Lucky for us, we get another two hours of The Bachelor tomorrow -- filled with more life-threatening stunts and Tierra-fueled drama. See you there!