05/29/2012 01:50 pm ET Updated Jul 29, 2012

The Bachelorette Recap: Are You Ready to Commit?

On this week's episode of The Bachelorette, we're just jumping right in -- Chris was presented with the first one-on-one date card, and Emily wants him to work for his meal. The two of them are strapped into harnesses ("Emily looks great in a harness," says Christian Grey Chris) and climb their way up the side of the restaurant. Cheesy clichés about climbing and overcoming hurdles ensue (at this point, they're expected), and Chris is torn -- after a once-in-a-lifetime activity like that, he feels like he should kiss Emily, but he doesn't think it's the right time. He settles on a high five, and that's what you call a missed opportunity.

They finally have their dinner date on the roof and all is going well, until Chris tells Emily he's 25. Emily is thrown for a minute, quickly remembers how mature he acts, and then admits that she is falling for Chris. Another no-name country favorite of Emily's puts on [another] "private" concert, and Chris respectfully asks if he can kiss Emily. Though thoughtful, just go in for the kill, buddy!

The group date takes place in the park, where a football, kissing jokes and probably hair ties (what's with all these funky hairdos on the men?!), are all being thrown around. Emily turns and walks away suddenly, leaving the guys confused... until they realize they're going to be quizzed by Emily's "friends" (or rather, Ricki's friends' moms, who happen to see cameras following her around and want in on the action). Doug and Sean get rave reviews, and it seems like Emily's friend Wendy has the hots for Sean.

The guys keep saying how ready they are to assume the role of "Dad," so Emily wants to see how well they do with children. She blows a whistle, and a busload of children run into the park. Doug pushes a child on the swing set, Sean tosses a football around, and Ryan takes his eyes off the kids for a moment to tell Emily he doesn't want her to get fat if they get married. Nice, Ryan.

Later in the evening, Sean and Doug get some quality one-on-one time, in which both guys reveal a good amount of information about themselves.

While Emily is engaging in serious conversations with her suitors, Tony has a breakdown about missing his son. Doug tries to talk him off a ledge (he wins my heart even more!), but Tony doesn't seem to be doing well. Enter brutally honest Emily, who spares Tony heartbreak and sends him home to be with his son.

Emily still needs to give out her date rose, which she presents to Sean, the "friends'" favorite.

On to Arie's one-on-one date! Emily flies Arie to Tennessee for private access to Dollywood. After facing her fears (what, another cliché?! You bet.) on a rollercoaster and winning stuffed animals, the two are prompted to write a love song. They're quickly interrupted by Emily's idol, Dolly Parton. Emily's reaction to Dolly was the most emotion I've seen out of our Bachelorette, and, I have to say, it was very refreshing.

Dolly performs an original song for the two of them while they slow dance on stage, and Arie kisses Emily's forehead (swoon). He just made his way to my top three.

Dinner conversation steers toward Arie's past relationships and whether he's ready to be a father. Surprisingly, Arie was involved with a woman who had two children, and he became quite attached to them. Emily welcomes Arie's busy racer schedule and seems to be falling for him. She then picks up the rose and tries to make him think he's being sent home. Bad attempt at a joke, Em -- she giggles, and then offers Arie the rose. They head to the carousel, where they share quite the kiss -- I think she likes him!

It's rose ceremony day! Emily announces to the room full of bachelors that she's starting to develop some crushes! She asks Kalon for some alone time, where they discuss (what else?) potentially being a father. Kalon scolds Emily for interrupting him, which seems to have rubbed Emily the wrong way. She must be giving him the benefit of the doubt; I would have sent him home on the spot.

Travis decides to let Emily smash his egg (literally), and the guys toast in honor of Shelly (the egg). Alessandro shoots himself in the foot while talking to Emily, saying taking on a wife and daughter is a huge compromise, and he won't be able to travel for work, since he's a gypsy. WHAT?! Why would you come on the show?? He is asked to leave on the spot (yea, Emily!), which makes that bachelor #2 to be sent home before the rose ceremony even happens. Emily is not messing around here.

Arie steals a few minutes in the hallway with Emily and calms her down with kisses, and then Sean tells her he's been preparing for 28 years to be a father, which is everything she needs to hear (he also kisses her!).

Chris Harrison chimes in -- another great week of dates, another rose ceremony:

Stevie, the party MC, is sent home. He must really be upset, since he didn't dance his way out. Ryan seems to be sharpening his claws, making snide comments about Arie, Kalon and a slew of other guys... which is making me dislike him even more. There are still several bachelors who haven't gotten any screen time, and I am wondering why Emily doesn't just send them home now. Thoughts? Comments? Who are you rooting for?