06/12/2012 10:58 am ET Updated Aug 12, 2012

The Bachelorette Recap: A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

This week, the Bachelorette and her suitors are off to London! Ricki comes along for the ride, of course, and this child is really racking up those passport stamps!

There are 10 men left and three dates this week. The guys are super excited to be in London (cue Sean screaming from the rooftop bus on the first one-on-one date). The pair venture around London on a guided tour bus. It turns out Emily (who was seemingly forced to memorize factoids about London 20 minutes before boarding the bus) is really the tour guide. Her delivery was rather forced and choppy, though that could be attributed to her severe cold (what a trooper!).

Back at the suite, Kalon (foolishly) compares all future dates with Emily as group dates -- since it'd be her, the guy of Emily's choosing, and Ricki. This does not sit well with the men...

Sean and Emily continue their date and Sean is enlisted by a group of park-goers to give a speech on love. Emily, standing in the crowd, can't help but blush. The two get cleaned up for dinner and head into the London Tower, where a guard ushers them in. Sean is Emily's "prisoner of love" tonight, and he knows it.

After promising Chris Harrison she'd save the baby talk for later, Emily word vomits that she wants kids, like, yesterday. When she asks Sean if he's thought about how many he wants, he admits he hasn't put a lot of thought into it (which translates roughly into, "Where's the nearest exit?!"). Emily seems to really like Sean, though, and he tells her that he is confident in what they have. Power move, Sean -- Emily loves a man with confidence.

It's time for the group date, and Chris, Arie, Ryan, Doug, Alejandro, Travis, John, and Kalon (who visibly rolled his eyes upon hearing the news that he wasn't going to be having a one-on-one date with Em) are going to be acting out Shakespeare in the park!

After the guys auditioned for parts and rehearsed, (and Kalon shooed Emily away!), they took the stage. Travis discovered his talent for acting; Doug and Arie were good sports in the women's roles; and Emily was disappointed in Kalon's inability to let loose and have fun with it. Ryan performed the end (kiss) scene, where he took full advantage and snuck in an extra kiss with Emily (I visibly rolled my eyes).

The crowd gives them a standing ovation, and the Bachelorette and her men head over to the local pub for a beer. Ryan presents Emily with a turquoise necklace, and she is floored. Kalon continues to harp on the fact that Emily is a mom, and the guys finally decide to do something. Doug takes the initiative and informs Emily of what's being said ("someone out there is calling Ricki baggage"), and you can literally see the smoke coming out of Emily's ears.

She demands to go outside and go all "West Virginia, hoodrat, backwoods" on whoever is talking smack about her sweet girl.

I'm not quite sure why Doug was emceeing the event, but he basically introduced the problem and Emily took it from there.

She offered Kalon a chance to explain himself, but, instead, he agreed with what was said and interrupted Emily.

"I love to hear you talk, but not until I'm done -- I got that line from you," she said. Damn, girl!

Emily didn't want to hear it anymore and told Kalon to get the #$*! out of there. And then there were nine.

Emily was bummed that no one backed her up, so she decided not to give out any roses. I don't blame her, though Doug was the one who thought it was necessary for Em to hear this... so he kind of did back her up.

One-F Jef was prepped for his one-on-one with the entire recount of Kalon's departure, so he completely had the upper hand. He was planning on telling her (genuinely, I believe) that he'll always have her back.

The two endure an awkward etiquette lesson before sneaking out to the pub for some fish and chips. Jef tells Emily he was the one who initially stuck up for her when Kalon was out of line. He compares Ricki to a Chloe bag he'd want to have forever, which was a weird metaphor, but Emily thought it was really sweet.

They head up to the London Eye, one of the coolest dates any Bachelor or Bachelorette has been on, and Jef really opened up. As their ride came to an end, he still hadn't made his move. I was really rooting for him, and he finally pulled through, giving Emily an awkward smooch while they overlooked the water.

It's rose ceremony time! But first, a little one-on-one time. Ryan sneaks in another surprise, and he and Emily share a real first kiss. She admits that she doesn't want to fall for this bad guy (with the weirdly patterned facial hair), so she's going to keep an eye on him. But there are so many other good ones, Emily!

Both Sean and Jef are already adorned with roses, and the final rose is between Arie and Alejandro. Fortunately for me (did you see the previews for next week!?), Arie is given the last rose, and Alejandro is sent packing. In his limo interview, he says he didn't put himself out there as much as he'd hoped (you think? All I could tell you about Alejandro was that he was 24 and a mushroom farmer; info I picked up from the three times he spoke and the producers flashed it on screen).

I, for one, thought this was one of the best episodes so far -- we saw Emily get emotional and heated, the guys really open up, and some pretty amusing dates. Do you think Kalon was wrong? Do you think Emily handled it well? Who do you think she likes most? So many questions!