05/21/2012 10:09 am ET Updated Jul 21, 2012

The Bachelorette Recap: Emily's Quest to Find Someone to Entertain Her After 7:30 PM

A quick (and late -- sorry!) recap of the Emily Maynard's season premiere is in order, so here goes:

We're greeted by Emily, the twice engaged, 26-year old mom of six-year old Ricki, in her hometown of Charlotte, NC. Emily's first engagement was tragically cut short when her fiancé's plane crashed, leaving a newly-pregnant Emily all alone. She stole Bachelor Brad's heart in season 15, and the two were engaged... but then it "just ended."

So, here we are, getting ready for Emily's third potential engagement (did anyone catch her say, "I think being engaged is something that is really special and should be saved for the person you're going to marry?" Not only does that not make sense, but she's already on her third engagement. Which is two more than a lot people...).

Anyway, it's time to put on our big-girl panties and get on with it!

Emily stood in the entryway of the Bachelor mansion (stiffly) greeting the 25 potential suitors, who were apparently granted permission to use whatever props they could find to get a rise out of our Bachelorette (boom box, glass slipper, wig, ostrich eggs -- you name it!).

Some brief first impressions:

Doug - off the bat, he got my first impression rose. I think they'll click.
Joe - his funny-man entrance was too much.
Jef - took cues from Lindzi (last season) and rode in on his own mode of transportation. Though cheesy, his conversation with Emily was kind of sweet.
Stevie - No one past the age of eight should go by the name of Stevie.
Tony - the glass slipper/Prince Charming act was way too lame.
Randy - his grandmother get-up made me feel weird.
Arie - of course Team Bachelor found a race car driver. Of course. If Emily can accept that, he could be a winner.
"Wolf" - though he basically told her to call him by his nickname, Emily stayed true to her roots and called him by his real first name. Which doesn't matter to me anymore, since his good friends call him "Wolf."
Ryan - his paper note explaining how nervous he felt was super cute.
Brent - has six kids. Six. And wants more?
Kalon - his helicopter entrance was so unnecessary (but so typical of Team Bachelor), but he could be a source of drama.

The usual smack talking amongst the men occurred while Emily squeezed in some one-on-one time with a few of the guys. In episodes to come, I really hope they have more interesting things to say besides spouting out synonyms of the word "stunning."

Emily presented the first impression rose to Doug, after he read a letter written by his 11-year-old son. Six guys were sent home, and the others joined Emily in a toast to an exciting season. Welcome back, Bachelorette fans!