Flawed Logic and Contradictory Reasoning in Defending Gun Ownership

12/26/2012 02:58 pm ET Updated Feb 25, 2013

The indignation and strong outcries of gun shooting-related massacres after the lives of 20 tender aged souls and six of their educators were cut off within the premises of their school in Newtown, Conn., has raised waves of voices from both sides of the fence -- pro- and anti-gun advocates.

Yet while the blood of the massacred victims were still wet on the ground and before the last burials were completed, based on verified news reports, more than 100 human souls fell victim to gun-related violence throughout the United States of America. Ironically, if we consolidated that scary huge number of gun shootings into an assorted computer war game, we would probably have the most violent war game ever invented. Not even the current war games are as violent as this because in these types of games civilians are protected, not harmed.

During these past days pro- and anti-gun debate rages in every media organization as well as among groups and individuals of American and foreign societies bringing out their various points of view.

Caught in the middle of this disaster, pro-gun enthusiasts including prominent politicians, the NRA, and other personalities who tried hard to find mitigating solutions to defend the human disaster caused by the same guns they so much love, ignore the fact that these guns are nothing more than killing tools performing the job for which they were designed to do -- to just kill. In short, it is purely a tool to show power, intimidation and an enemy to human life.

Adding insult to the victims and their families who were busy preparing to bury them, pro-gun advocates -- instead of joining the public angry outcry against the tragedy -- engaged in a series of bizarre suggestions on how to protect their gun industry or the very killing tools which cut short the precious lives of the 26 victims.

Lack of good reasons to counter the massive opposing views of gun ownership, gun lovers started placing blame on everything else except the gun itself. They told us that based on their self-serving analysis and surveys results "guns do not kill, but irresponsible gun owners kill." What they seem to neglect is the possible result of a mentally disturbed man, like the gunman during his "mental blackout," could not have had easy access to the arsenal of the legally licensed guns if it was not kept by his mother at home. In my view, the 20 kids -- together with their six educators -- could happily celebrate happily the season's holidays in the warmth and love of their families.

Fending the heat of the anti-gun massive public opinion not only in America but from societies around the world, gun ownership officials and supporters, while taking cover under the 2nd amendment of the Constitution which allows militia-style gun ownership to protect the nation and which they interpret also as a right for self defense, proposed that either we train and arm the school teachers or assign armed guards at school campuses.

Even if we follow this sarcastic logic of protecting the schools with more armed gun holders, it will be much more practical and economical to transfer the schools inside military or police camps. Equally bad is the idea of training and arming school teachers as this logic easily can be abused in different ways to create a chaotic educational society and even raise demands by the teachers for their extra duties to be ranked as military or police officers and we end up having corporals, sergeants, and police inspectors as teachers in full military uniform in the classrooms.

Among other flawed logics and contradictory reasoning this proposal leads us to ask, is America a declared "War Zone" and needs more guns to counter the gun violence? Obviously no, and this problem of gun violence can be solved with proper unbiased decisions and common sense legislation because the problem is not only in the schools but in the entire country.

However, the most flawed and of highest contradiction-- not only domestically but globally -- is the logic of manufacturing and owning guns for self -defense. Using this same logic, then why have we bombarded, invaded and killed or left permanently crippled millions of people only because they were suspected of developing weapons to defend their country. This creates a double standard and raises the question of power and control.

Ironically through this tragedy we have been seeing influential politicians declaring themselves supporters of the "vote rich" pro-gun sector and at the same time raising voices of threat and intimidation to nations that are planning or developing weapons for self-defense.

If the 2nd Amendment is so good for the Americans why is it a crime for other nations? This is probably the greatest contradiction and hypocrisy against to what we preach.

By any logic this is not a good moral quality to lead as a world superpower, and before advocating or imposing peace, justice, fairness and democracy to other societies, start with cleaning up this gun ownership mess to showcase it for other nations to imitate or adopt.

With financial turmoil around the world going from bad to worse, the debilitating unemployment which keeps increasing not only due to the economic crisis but also due to the raging war against labor cost, more people with weak character will be pushed to distress and it is imperative that appropriate legislation to ban licensing for guns ownership be enacted now before the next gun owner suffers "mental blackout" and starts shooting indiscriminately again at innocent human beings. We all know how lucrative and profitable the gun industry is, but human life is more precious.

Let's liberate our society from the crazy culture of gun ownership and violence.

Happy Holidays in Peace to all.