12/17/2012 03:35 pm ET Updated Feb 16, 2013

Gun Ownership: A Culture Trapped Between "Wild West" and Internet Era

It is unfortunate that during tragedies like the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut we hear voices of concern to ban the ownership of guns and immediately after the burial of the victims, the entire issue is forgotten till the next gun shooting tragedy occurs again.

While we pray for the little souls of the innocent kids whose funerals are taking place today, the following three news reports of gun related incidents are listed in various media outlets

a ) 2 Kansas officers fatally shot outside market
b ) Gunman shoots 1 in Texas movie theater parking lot
c ) Ind. man with 47 guns arrested after school threat

Obviously gun shooting incidents are not new neither isolated cases because are approaching epidemic proportions and here is the question that citizens and law makers must ask.

What measure must be taken?

Gun ownership is a carried on culture from the "Wild West" era when there was a need to carry a gun but today living in the era of internet, facebook and twitter it is hard valid reasons or justifications to own a gun.

Why the American citizens need a gun?

Is the country so unsafe or a declared "war zone" and necessitates the ownership of guns for protection?

We have heard many pro gun individuals supporting their argument by saying guns are objects and do not kill or invoke their constitutional freedom to carry a gun, own guns to satisfy their hobby, etc and reaching to the pointing of contradicting their own beliefs.

It is already common knowledge that most of the pro gun enthusiasts are the strongest supporters of the defense industry and they are among the loudest voices in favor of bombarding nations suspected of possession or plan to develop weapons of mass destruction, nuclear technologies etc.

Based on this logic the question to be asked here is: Why the guns are objects and therefore do not kill, while even suspicion that a nation might be developing weapons of mass destruction is a valid reason to bombard it?

Talking about constitutionally protected freedom to carry a gun, we can see that the mother of the shooter she availed of that freedom and she owned not one gun but several to satisfy her trigger happy hobby. According to news reports her shooter son brought four guns to the school," including two rifles and Sig Sauer and Glock pistols. In short the pro gun enthusiast here enjoyed full constitutional freedom to own not one but several guns.

On the other had did the little school children enjoyed their constitutional rights to be free going to school and study? Certainly not. Did the teachers enjoy their constitutional freedom to go and work without anyone bothering them? Certainly no. Instead we are burying them today.

Even the argument of owning guns for hobby is a very weak reasoning. We all know that guns are doing the job for which were designed and manufactured to do. That is to Kill. Nothing else and I find it hard to understand the psychology of all those gun lovers how they can draw pleasure by holding in their hands a killing tool.

Even if we venture to accept the argument that guns are objects and responsible gun ownership do not kill, still there is no basis for that because even criminals do not kill every minute of the day. Also individuals like the shooter of the kids do not kill all the time. They kill only during mental black out and if we deny them easy access to a cache of guns during that moment of mental blackout, this moment the little souls could be alive with us preparing to celebrate the forthcoming holidays in the care and warmth of their families.

This is the reason why guns must be banned completely and whoever owns a gun except the law enforcement agencies, must be subjected to stiff penalties including long term imprisonment.

Ever since the news about the massacre broke out, we have heard several strong voices against gun ownership and it is imperative that this time we convert the rhetoric through a microphone into tangible action to limit the chances of such horrible carnage happening again.

With the bad shape of the economy, the debilitating unemployment or part time employment, quality of life will keep deteriorating by pushing more citizens into the great worries of poverty and must take precautions in keeping guns out of reach for weak personalities who will have difficulties enduring the pressure of adjustments to the new realities.

If we really want to help improve the safety of our fellow human beings now is the time to show resolve by taking concrete steps reduce the threats of mourning more innocent victims of gun shooting violence.