08/22/2012 05:56 pm ET Updated Oct 22, 2012

Searching for Logic in the Bubbles of Ballyhoo

There is hardly anything we do today without the influence of excessive marketing, commercials, and exaggeration. If we take a cup of coffee and sit on the 'imaginary rooftop' of our world and start gazing around at our societies to analyze our achievements, it won't take long for us to realize that mankind has become a society of glittering bubbles almost devoid of logic and pragmatism.

There is no doubt, that externally, our world looks like an eye-popping and well-decorated palace; giving the impression that we live a happy and comfortable life. Let's start by taking a closer look at some of the major aspects of our life, burst those bubbles, and try to reconnect with reality.

Starting with politics, which to a great degree affects many aspects of our lives, we can see that almost every politician in the higher echelons of political leadership is 'fabricated' by the media, public relations professionals, and image makers. Depending on the size and financial condition of a society, political candidates spend large amounts of valuable resources to buy media time for their commercials so that their hired public relations companies can aggrandize their insignificant achievements.

Even the physical appearance of a politician is a creation of the image enhancers and politician's speeches are prepared by their team of advisers. Logic tells us that the 'custom made' over promising political candidate ultimately under delivers his own promises because he is after all, like us, an ordinary human being and not a superman.

Professionals that promote highly inflated commercials have penetrated every segment of our life and brainwashed us into believing that our purpose in life is materialism. Logic tells us that materialism is just one of the many elements in life.

A luxurious lifestyle and material values are given maximum promotion to the point of making us believe that our purpose in life is to amass wealth and surround ourselves with luxuries. Logic tells us that modesty, and love for others are virtues of much greater value.

The evolution of these beliefs have influenced the lives of the world population to the point of putting us all on a race to chase the elusive dream of realizing unspecified success. Analyzing the rich and famous of today's society, we can see that they too, despite their huge wealth, continue to want even more. They seem to be chasing rainbows in a track field that has no finish lines; there is no end point. Logic tells us, metaphorically, that we only have one stomach which does not need millions of dishes to fill it up.

Even the noble world of sports has been taken over by materialism; the achievements of the athletes today are over commercialized and attached to material benefits. In many cases, financial sponsors are covering up the wrong doings of their athletes caught in using performance enhancing substances, match fixing and more. Logic tells us that athleticism is a natural gift and a person performs according to his capabilities. Therefore, cheaters of 'the system' must be totally rejected.

Aggressive promoters of artists and entertainers create artificial idols and later we quickly discover that they are not as perfect as the media and promoters presented them to us. In order to maintain their profitability, often times we accept their vices such as drugs, sexual abnormalities, and other misbehavior. Logic tells us that they too are human and have their own shortcomings.

We are also fed with commercials that over promote new drugs, pesticides, fertilizers, more as items that can perform miracles. Later it is revealed that the items must be banned due to side effects that cause more damage than good to humans and the environment.

Thousands of food products have become the subject of exaggeration by public relations companies who are portraying them as super delicious and highly nutritious while concealing their inferior quality as well as their unhealthiness. Logic tells us that each one of us has different taste, therefore quality and taste preferences cannot be imposed on us by magnified commercials

Competing manufacturers of consumer goods are investing large sums of money to brainwash consumers by overstating the beauty, elegance, advantages and even elevating their branded products to a status symbol in society! Logic tells us that a less expensive brand does the same job as a top brand.

Even creators of war-machines have found ways to make us admire their technologies while demonstrating their capabilities that cause maximum human and structural damage! Taking advantage of our vulnerabilities, of our fears, they made us believe that the use of 'smart bombs', 'drones' and other sophisticated killing devices are brilliant inventions which 'miraculously' select and kill the bad elements of our society! Logic tells us that such devices are doing the job for which they were designed; to kill and destroy without discrimination. Therefore, instead of our admiration they must be feared and hated as such inventions are threatening our very existence.

It is not a secret that the media, in order to maximize its benefits, formed partnerships of convenience with vested interests such as political or financial/ commercial ideologies. Instead of reporting news as it truly happens, they distort the facts and act like brainwashing machines imposing their own beliefs on us.

The list of paradigms about the state of our society today is very long and extensive. In fact, just the aforementioned ones are sufficient strong reasons to ring the alarming bells that logic is pushed to extinction.

Once we burst the glittering bubbles of Ballyhoo and come face-to-face with reality, we can see without any doubt the continuous deterioration of the quality of life in our world.

Now, let's step down from the 'imaginary rooftop' of our world, reject all the bubbles and live within the parameters of logic because the long term peaceful and harmonious existence of human race on this planet cannot be sustained using the Foundation of Logic as the glittering surface of ballyhoo bubbles.