01/30/2014 01:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Imbibe-Approved Super Bowl Eats

Gearing up for Sunday's big game? We're always happy to have an excuse to gather with friends for a day-long session of eating and drinking, and with the keg already ordered and the Bloody Mary bar mapped out, we're ready to focus on the food. What's on our Super Bowl menu? From beer-spiked pretzels to porter-braised pork, here's what we'll be making.


Beer Cheese Fondue

Half a pint of German pilsner lends some sudsy goodness to this mustard-cheese fondue. Click here for the recipe. Photo: Alex Farnum. Courtesy: Chronicle Books



Beer and pretzels go hand in hand, and this recipe infuses some IPA hoppiness right into the batter. Click here for the recipe. Photo:


Guinness Chili

Whip up a big pot of this Guinness-spiked chili before the big game and relax in front of the tube all day long. Click here for the recipe. Photo:


Porter-Braised Pulled Pork

Porter, meet pork -- pork, porter. The dark beer meets with brown sugar and spice in this tender, slow-cooked pork from blogger and author, The Beeroness. Click here for the recipe.
Photo: Jacquelyn Dodd,


Mocha Brownies

Boost your fourth-quarter bites with these coffee icing-capped brownies. Click here for the recipe. Photo: Ree Drummond

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