11/20/2014 05:09 pm ET Updated Jan 20, 2015

Have a Career That You Enjoy

By Isabelle Hou, University of Connecticut Campus Ambassador:

Growing up, my parents told me to study hard to become a scientist, a doctor, a know, the high paying careers that requires years and years of schooling. I tried to lead myself to those career paths but it just did not work out. I despised science, was not excellent at math, and generally did not find those subjects interesting to me at all. When I came to college, I discovered my passion for fashion, more specifically, marketing in the fashion industry. I know that's the career path I want to take because I will truly enjoy it.

If you're stuck at somewhere you don't like...

Get out. That's my answer for you. You only live once, as cliché as that sound, it's true. So why not do something you enjoy rather than be stuck somewhere you are miserable. You didn't work so hard to have a job that you do not like. You are in control of your own life, and your own happiness, therefore you have the power to change anything, which includes changing your career to something you enjoy doing.

Don't be afraid

Don't be afraid to go against what your parents want you to do, and start doing what you want to do. Don't be afraid to quit your boring old job now to go after what you really want. Don't be afraid of rejection, it happens to everyone. Don't be afraid of failure because it will eventually lead you to success.

And when you are doing something you truly enjoy...

The money doesn't matter as much anymore. I had unpaid internship this summer that required six hours commute a day, three days a week. I had to get out of bed at 6a.m. and would not get back home till 9p.m. Sounds pretty miserable right? Not to me. I got to intern for a fashion company while being in my favorite city -- New York City. The long, unpaid hours didn't matter to me anymore because I was happy. I was doing something I truly enjoyed.

It's surprising to see what you're capable of doing once you start doing something you are good at. If you dread going to work everyday, I encourage you to look for another job. When you start working for a company you really care about and start doing something you are truly passionate about, it won't even feel like you are working anymore.