06/28/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gilles and Adam Losers? I Think Not.

It's an odd world when gay people in California lose the right to marry but those who snuck in ahead get to stay married. When it is legal in our state to use pot for medical purposes but illegal at the same time. When in this very state Adam Lambert loses American Idol and Gilles Marini loses Dancing with the Stars. Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder, WTF?

I have to admit, I like American Idol, and I even like Simon Cowell. This season was a little dull for me because I felt like Adam was in such another league that it seemed like the only contest was watching who got kicked off next until Adam won. Adam has that thing where I don't feel Kris, or any of the others did. That thing has been called 'the X factor,' 'the Wow factor,' that certain je ne sais quoi. Adam was amazing to watch and even if you weren't a fan, you had to admit he was interesting, different and talented. He deserved to win and I believe will have the best career. Now with all the hubbub over the voting, maybe they will hand it to him anyway. I guess it doesn't much matter, for once (OK maybe a couple of times) Idol found talent. WTF?

Then there is Gilles Marini, best known as the naked guy from the Sex and The City movie. Gilles was partnered with Cheryl Burke this season on Dancing with The Stars. Cheryl is one of the best dancers, and choreographers, I have ever seen. When I first heard that Gilles was going to be on dancing I wondered how he would do. I guess I was sort of expecting the Denise Richards thing from him. Instead, he was an amazing dancer who got better and better each week. His chemistry with Cheryl was intense and watching them dance was a beautiful thing.

Gilles lost to Shawn Johnson, the Olympic gymnast. Shawn was a good dancer, cute, bubbly, 17 years old and technically correct but she didn't have that thing. You know 'the Wow factor,' 'the X factor' or that certain je ne sais quoi. Gilles did and deserved to win. Gilles also seemed like a really nice person, so you wanted him to win. He is like the foreign version of George Clooney. Gorgeous, sexy, funny and nice all at the same time. So WTF?

So as Gilles said, "It's all good." I think in terms of what Dancing will do for his career and Idol will do for Adam's, he is absolutely right. But the gay marriage thing, WTF?

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