01/03/2012 05:30 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2012

Friendship Advice: 5 Simple Ways to Improve Relationships in 2012

Maybe it's a personal thing, but New Year's resolutions don't sit well with me. Picture a beautiful bouquet of carefully-selected balloons whose air fizzles out all too quickly. When I've made resolutions in years past, they were generally made with an initial burst of enthusiasm that fell flat well before the month of January was over. Sound familiar?

So instead, I've made a very short, actionable list of suggestions to look back upon even if you've forgotten them immediately after you've read them. I've read thousands of posts and emails you've posted here or on The Friendship Blog and here is some general advice that comes to mind early in the New Year (even before my first cup of coffee). Here are five simple ways to improve my friendships and yours over the coming year:

SLIDESHOW: 5 Ways To Improve Friendships in 2012


All my warmest wishes for healthy and satisfying friendships in the coming year~