06/07/2009 09:37 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

What are you doing on June 8th, Best Friends Day? Do Something!

Set your cell phone alarm, mark your calendar, and write it across the top of your hand in red ink. Get ready for Best Friends Day (BFD), sponsored by and BFF Entertainment. The two groups have declared June 8th, 2009 a national day of celebration for best friends to do something together to change the world.

What can two best friends do on that day to have fun, show affection for each other, and do something that has a larger impact by helping others? DoSomething and BFF have come up with some great suggestions:

1) If you use Twitter and add the hashtag #BFF to your tweet, your message to your friend will be streamed onto the iconic Times Square billboard in New York City on that day. Everyone will know that you are participating in Best Friends Day☺.

2) You can text "bff" to 30644 and sign up to volunteer or tell how you have changed the world.

3) If you send a BFF Bouquet from 1-800-FLOWERS on the day, a percentage of the sale will be donated to Do

4) Tune in to The Today Show, which will air a Best Friends Day feature on June 8th. Perhaps you'll get another idea of how to help.

5) If you are a teen, get involved with organization that uses "the power of online to get teens to do good stuff offline." If you are an old person (over the age of 20) or you're privileged to have a business, check out DoSomething on the web and come up with your own unique way to participate and help.

The CEO, creative force, and cheerleader for the non-profit is attorney and HuffPo blogger Nancy Lublin, who dubs herself 'chief old person.' In that role, Lublin raises funds from the corporate sector to support grants that help teens get things done. Last year alone, inspired and empowered 12 million kids to get involved in a variety of projects in their local communities and around the world. This isn't Lublin's first successful philanthropic venture. At the age of 23, she created Dress for Success, an organization that provides women with the tools and confidence they need to succeed in their careers. That non-profit has expanded to more than 70 cities in four countries.

(Disclosure: I'm proud that my son, Andrew, was privileged to work with the wonderful team at DoSomething.)