01/16/2012 04:07 pm ET Updated Mar 17, 2012

Better Late Than Never

As the number of candles increase on my birthday cake, I marvel that my creative powers accelerate as my physical powers do their very best to maintain. There is reason to rejoice to be aging at a time that a groundswell is unmistakably rising that puts a positive spin on what has usually been regarded as a one way downhill street.

I was originally going to title this blog "Late Bloomers". While exploring the possibilities, I discovered that one of my favorite writers, Malcolm Gladwell, had written an article for the New Yorker in which he presented examples of evidence to the contrary. According to Gladwell, late bloomers frequently enjoy an extended and productive Indian summer!

Fellow HuffPost blogger Ari Seth Cohen, on his website "Advanced Style", celebrates courageous seasoned citizens who defy stereotyping, have fun along the way and inspire others.

I am saying that even an early bloomer can continue to bear blossoms in maturity; they may be different flowers or even fruit instead!

My life has born witness to several incarnations: from textile designer/stylist to image consultant to founder/CEO of a non-profit organization to workshop developer/presenter to what I now have decided to call "Life Stylist". Others must have similar resumes.

So I went to the web and typed in "consecutive careers". Guess what? As usual my history was way ahead of the curve. Perhaps because people are living longer and more actively; perhaps as a result of economic necessity or sheer boredom, employees no longer work for one firm for decades and get a gold watch on retirement.

There were a dearth of examples beyond performers becoming politicians and vice-versa! Susan Boyle can't be the only poster child for late bloomers! I would welcome stories.

When the textile business in the United States migrated to the Far East, I was literally forced to use "transferable skills" to make a living. Since working with pattern was no longer an option, I used my talent for fashion and fabric to work with women and men on their professional appearance. This turned a bummer into a blessing as the world opened to new and exciting possibilities.

The heyday of the 80s became the somber realities of the 90s; that presented a cue to offer disadvantaged women and at-risk youth a better chance for self-sufficiency through providing appropriate clothing and workshops to sharpen workplace skills. As careers move through inevitable twists and turns of the marketplace, one can step up to a new level by building on and improving the old.

From experience I have learned to pay close attention to what surfaces in life, seemingly randomly. While checking out possible sources geared to documenting success in older individuals, a site offering info based on numerology appeared. Years ago I had toyed with this system and found it interesting and informative.

So I purchased and downloaded my personal profile, comprising what amounted to a biography; to my amazement I discovered that through a long and diversified path I had already mastered most of the challenges of this lifetime. (OK, so there are a couple left.) My present course is crystal clear!

When the time before is considerably shorter than the time ahead, it behooves one to carefully choose one's thoughts and activities!

I just thought of a new twist on the title of this blog. It's BETTER late than EVER!!!

How cool is that?