03/31/2012 11:36 pm ET Updated May 31, 2012

Leap and the Net Shall Appear: Part Five

At pivotal points in my life, when all avenues for solution to one crisis/dilemma or another seemed closed, a seemingly-random occurrence entered the equation, resolving the situation in such a marvelous way that I can only marvel. I have written four blogs on this subject; there is no guarantee that number five will be the last.

OK, so here I am, well into my golden years, and life keeps on reinventing itself. So I listen to my own advice, follow my leaps of lunacy and expect that trusty net to appear.

It always does -- frequently in the nick of time.

It's been a year since I began writing UniqueU. We (Juan Olmo, my good friend, technical wizard and editor and I), though happy with our reception and readership, pondered on ways to reach a wider audience. Presto! Since last fall I've been blogging about UniqueU for The Huffington Post, and my posts have appeared in the Healthy Living, Culture and Post50 sections -- you don't get better than that! Thank you, HuffPost.

In time there were more than 50 blogs -- enough for a book or blook, to use the latest lingo. The days of finding an agent/traditional publisher are long lost with the advent of the Internet take-over plus new devices for reading. Self-publishing meant entering an arena for which there are risks, expenses and pitfalls. We have insufficient experience to warrant such an undertaking.

You may well ask, "Why venture further, when, at this age I have nothing to prove?" The answer is... to complete my life's purpose and serve as a guide to those in my wake.

Last week I received an unexpected idea. A friend suggested that I would be a good teacher for the Learning Annex here in NYC. The very thought had a ring of authenticity about it -- yes, that's the way to go!

So last Saturday I sent a brief query email asking Learning Annex how to apply to teach a class on positive creative aging -- to be titled UniqueU, of course. I got an immediate reply requesting a paragraph describing the course and another about my background. By Monday morning I was accepted as a premier teacher for a new and expanded program currently in development.

The very ease and speed with which all this occurred is a perfect reflection of how things can flow when all factors are in alignment. There's simplicity about all this complexity that the human mind alone can neither unravel nor understand. The good news is that we don't have to. I have learned to allow life to unfold like the petals of a flower, in its own season and space. When the petals fall, this signals that a new seed is pregnant -- a new blossom is waiting for its moment in the sun.

My new incarnation will continue after a publicity campaign is launched in May. I will keep you informed. In the meantime, here are a few points to keep in mind when processing any problem:

- The river can't be rushed any more than the rose. To quote Eleesha (Twitter: @eleesha), author of "The Soul Whisperer":

This place of joy from
which I came -- contains
the seeds of joy from
which I will grow.

- Don't over-think. Reasoning destroys realization. You may talk yourself out of something wonderful.

- Silence is golden -- unless you have a support system of like-minded travelers as a think tank. Even so, use discretion when incubating precious embryos of inspiration.

- Go with your gut -- your Inner Knowing.

I petition divinity -- I think NEWLY, CLEARLY, TRULY!

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