09/30/2013 06:48 pm ET Updated Nov 30, 2013

Paying Attention

As I inch forward along this well-worn road, I know by now that to stay alert, awake and attentive is essential to avoiding the pitfalls of mere wishful thinking and downright deception, whether by oneself or well-meaning others.

One must refocus and rely only on one's personal connection to infallible guidance from highest source, while politely passing over solutions stemming from frequently "common sense" suggestions offered by programmed and/or traditional minds. More often than not there is such opposition in various viewpoints that it requires much discernment to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Eventually humans may fully evolve to the extent that the left-logical and right-intuitive hemispheres of their brains will harmonize and become a single unit, presenting only thoughts that are fully integrated and aligned with well-being.

Since practice makes perfect... I shall practice, practice, practice!

I am now noticing small, or not so small, synchronicities. To clarify, I shall enumerate them chronologically, more or less:

My daughter, Carol, called me from California a few days ago to tell me that someone she grew up with in this building, Tammy, gave her the name of a real estate broker, Judy, who reputedly knows every apartment on the Upper East Side. (I prefer to remain in my present neighborhood. It feels like home.)

I met Judy yesterday in the lobby of a building a few blocks away to look at possibilities. Previously in the week, I had inquired about rentals from an office I just "happened" to pass. The young man from this agency showed me an apartment suitable in every way except price. The location was next door to a drug chain, across the street from a supermarket and my bank. In front was a crosstown bus stop.

Interestingly, Carol's father, Arnold, had lived there after our separation. So did Carol, when at 14, she decided that living with mom was much too restrictive of her personal freedom. Later, Carol's new step-mom-to-be, Linda, joined the household. She still lives in the same premises with her significant other. Not to worry if we should meet, Linda and I are cool. If those walls could talk!

Now it just "happened" that the building Judy showed me was in the same vicinity as the location I have just described, only not quite as pricey. There are presently no vacancies. In May, my projected moving date, something could open up. So where is this path leading? I haven't a clue.

There are times when I wonder what actions I should be taking. The spiritual leader and founder of the "Sedona Method," Lester Levenson, recommended use of "the butt system" when faced with seeming difficulties.

I sometimes sit and watch old movies. Often they contain encouraging dialogue, such as when in Alice Adams, the family is in dire need, her father counsels that something always comes along -- and it does!

Frequently when I listen to music the old Ellington standard "Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me" is played, I interpret this as a sign from divine guidance to take the message literally.

It's a gorgeous early spring day. A walk in the park, observing Mother Nature decked out in her new finery reminds me that it's time to put away the heavy winter gear and don something lighter. This can carry over to maintaining sunny thoughts.

How can I have weighty matters on my mind on such a light airy April day? I shall don some spring finery, park my butt on a bench in the park and do nothing 'til I hear from source.

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