03/19/2012 01:43 pm ET Updated May 19, 2012

Musing About Muses (Part 2)

The purpose of having a muse is to receive inspiration for creative endeavors. So why shouldn't anyone not necessarily endowed with artistic genius be empowered by a personal muse as a natural component and companion to daily living?

Louise Hay, renowned publisher, author and self-help guru, has described the signal alerting her to an "AHA!" moment as hearing a little "ping" in her head. Some people get a prickly sensation of "goose pimples." I experience an inner recognition of truth as a tiny catch somewhere in the throat area. Or as a nudge by a voice that instructs, "Write this down."

One needs no special talent or training to contact one's personal muse. The only requirement to be in alignment with this red alert is to pay attention and allow the transmission!

This morning a friend returned a phone call I made to her the day before. Her voice sounded hard and edgy so I inquired if she was having nails for breakfast. (Our relationship of more than 30 years entitled me to take this liberty.) She described several procedures that she was undertaking in her kitchen simultaneously, apologized for her tone and said it would be best if we spoke later. When she called back it was to say that she had badly burned her fingertips soon after we hung up. Had she been open to the subtle warnings of escalating anxiety by her personal muse she might have put her cooking on hold, sat down and relaxed with a cup of tea.

Never willing to offer unsolicited opinions I asked if I could share an insight that occurred to me. She agreed, then admitted that she had been frustrated when we first spoke. I pointed out, "Don't we use the expression 'burned up' when we are angry?" I rest my case.

Muses are sensitive entities who require respect and regard for rules as a requisite for their presence. They come by invitation only; however, they determine when, how and if! They know when your request is rooted in integrity. The more gratitude they receive, the more guidance they give.

The only validation we have that our GPS is working is when we arrive at our designated destination without detour or disaster. Here are a few suggestions for your adventure:

  • Cultivate periods of quietness; grass doesn't grow on a busy street.
  • Pose your challenge/dilemma/question at bedtime. As the saying goes, "Sleep on it."
  • Pay attention to your first thoughts upon awakening.
  • Expect messages via electronic devices. Muses love them for transmission and use them effectively through music, song titles, lyrics and actors speaking dialogue.

Investigate automatic writing for techniques that unlock information from the subconscious mind. You can learn more about this from a wonderful woman named Eleesha (twitter: @eleesha), author of "The Soul Whisperer." Her website is

Above all, listen, listen, listen!

I assume that by now you realize that your personal muse is none other than your old buddy, your divine self -- the part of you that is eternally connected to all that is by divine design.

The service of your personal muse is free of charge and available 24/7.

"Ask, and ye shall receive." -- Mathew 7:7


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