01/21/2014 12:19 pm ET Updated Mar 23, 2014


After an exhausting period of packing and editing furnishings and possessions, I am amazed at just how much worldly goods one person can accumulate. The deed is done! By now there isn't a shred of plaster left of 10-A. All that accumulated energy and history held within its' walls has vaporized -- ready to rise to a new threshold -- an auspicious recreation/reinvention/ renewal.

Some of my cherished convictions and concepts have been shattered by the superior ones of Higher Guidance. I had considered replacing my lovely red Chinese rug; now, renewed and re-fringed, it rests regally on a blonde parquet wood floor, bathed in light, completely transformed.

The Ionic column desk, which had so captured my vision of classic creativity, was found to have a structural defect. Just prior to shipping, the order was cancelled. It will be replaced by a graceful art deco desk and chair, which will sit in front of floor to ceiling windows which back-light my work space.

Since almost all of my clothing is buried in boxes, whatever I retrieve is magically the exact right choice. Reinventing my wardrobe in unexpected and pleasing combinations previously not considered.

Restructuring has also occurred in relationships that date back as much as three decades. It's not that people have changed; they continue to do what they have always done. Only now my tolerance level for what was previously acceptable is limited and defined by that which enhances my emotional well-being. If sacrificing authenticity is the diplomatic price to purchase approval, then what others think of me is none of my concern, as long as my words and deeds are rooted in integrity.

My new home is six blocks from my former apartment. I had assumed that by staying in a familiar neighborhood, I would retain a more or less familiar routine. Well, that assumption has also been shattered -- I may as well have moved to a different city. (Often we forget that New York is composed of uncountable enclaves, each with its own character.)

This location, within three short blocks, has a healing center where integrative services such as massage and acupuncture are available by a professional staff at affordable prices. (My leg and allergies are responding well.) We also have a health food supermarket and several natural restaurants as well as excellent ethnic eateries. Nail spas abound as do the usual small convenience businesses. If I crave fashion, it's a block west.

Oddly, as chaos, clutter and confusion overwhelm my living quarters, my mind remains relatively free of disorganization, disarray and discomfort. Never has my heart been filled with such serenity, peace and gratitude.

This building is not so large that it is impersonal or too small to provide amenities. First names are the norm. Everyone smiles and says hello.

My street is quiet. There are trees outside. My little balcony holds my artificial greenery which looks quite natural and doesn't require a green thumb.

Did I mention that looking west I can see Ira's old apartment building? Looking up I spot the balconies on his floor, sensing his happiness as he holds our little Yinnie in his arms as they rejoice in watching over Muffie and me.

How can these blessings be dismissed as pure good fortune, the random fallout of chance events? Happenstance is random, letting the chips fall where they may.

The workings of an intelligent universe are just that: there can be nothing careless or indifferent - no luck of the draw in the tiniest detail.

Smithereens vaporize into nothingness, to literally get a new lease on life, to re-emerge as evolved results of the ultimate collaboration with our creator:

The phoenix arises once more from the ashes of the burnt-out past as the re-creation of divinity and its most divine creation -- mankind.