12/05/2013 03:21 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2014

The Street Where He Lived

Now here is where the story gets a bit woo-woo, though that doesn't frighten me in the least because the spirit who lived on this particular street (only five blocks away from my present apartment) adored me. And I believe he -- Ira -- is getting into the act, helping my angels move me into an environment where my Siamese, Muffie and I will be happy.

Now I mentioned in a recent blog that in my search I had recently visited an apartment in a building where my daughter, Carol, and her father, Arnold, once lived. (At 14 she decided that mom's house rules were too strict, so she moved in with dad, who permitted booze, pot and boys.)

Is this relocation getting to be an extended family affair? Which ex-husband/lover will find Irene and Muffie's perfect abode? Stay tuned...

Meanwhile the dismantling continues, with choices to make according to how much furniture will fit into available space (which I can only estimate) and importance in terms of utility and aesthetics. For this determination I refer to an adage that I found useful, as an image consultant, helping clients organize their closets:

  • In order to get the good, the obsolete must go.
  • In order to get the better, the good must go.
  • In order to get the best, the better must go.

Could this rule apply to relationships as well?

Yesterday I visited a number of apartments with a nice young man from a realty company. Living in most of them was a depressing thought. One unit had possibilities as plan b. Then the couple who are buying my apartment requested a mid-may closing instead of early may, which may or may not be to my advantage. When indecision and uncertainty arise as in my present state of flux, the sanest choice is simply to stay centered, open to possibilities, flexible, poised, yet alert to subtle signals from my celestial board of advisors.

The packing boxes are stacked in the foyer, waiting to be filled and forwarded.

Today is a Sunday and guess what? My friend, Irene, who found the apartment on the street where Ira lived, found another in the same building listed in the times. Only this one was larger and boasted an additional half bath.

Now some higher intelligence is working in cahoots with my wishes. It has been my experience that when my aspirations are in alignment with those of my creator, there is automatic, harmonious flow. If blockage and frustration occur, the correctness of direction must be questioned.

This is not to say that all will be smooth sailing. The winds of change can blow hot and cold, ranging from a gentle breeze to hurricane force. Some days are cloudy with shadows of doubt. Others are crystal clear. We have no control over elements that are volatile by nature... and since we are nature made manifest the difference is that we have free will, requiring only the willingness to choose wisely for happy results.

Patience is the key virtue needed to stay alert and aware while waiting to see where the road will lead. Stay mindful, look for signposts and allow the fog to dissipate.

It also is wise to pay attention to one's body, which, being the densest part of our being is a tangible barometer, reflecting well-being or malaise. For several weeks now my right leg has been impeding my advance forward. I literally cannot move with ease and comfort at this time. The blockage is inner, manifesting as pain.

So I hobble around and wait, mindful of and grateful for patience, particularly with myself. I petition divine guidance and ask for intervention should my mundane mind sway me from my highest purpose.

Rumi's wise words will never fail to clarify: "Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will never lead you astray."