04/21/2014 08:59 am ET Updated Jun 21, 2014

10 Ways to Stop 'Feeling Fat'

Julia Davila-Lampe via Getty Images

1. Remember that you're a f**king genius, hysterically funny and really popular.

2. Get super dressed up and spend an inordinate amount of time on your hair and makeup, just to go get groceries or perform other mundane tasks.

3. Name five genuine interests you hold, other than food and weight loss. Seriously, five. Are you having trouble? Think harder.

4. Remember Jock Jams? from the '90s? Spotify that shit and get down in your bedroom. Like, seriously, shake it.

5. Make a list of 10 things you want to do before you die, and indulge the most exciting one you can come up with. That may mean taking ONE action step towards achieving the goal of your choice (e.g. if you want to sing at Carnegie Hall, start practicing your scales).

6. Masturbate. Regularly. (Or have sex, whichever.)

7. Wrap your body head-to-toe in something hyper-comfortable, like warm bath water, fresh sheets or maybe an old cashmere Juicy jumpsuit. Remember those? I'm '90s reminiscing like whoa.

8. Just for a moment, pretend that God is a fact. Does he give a shit about your weight? I mean, come on. What other gifts has the Universe bestowed upon you, lucky girl?

9. Google fat activism. It's a thing.

10. Imagine someone in your life that loves you totally unconditionally. Is it a parent? A sibling? That nerdy boy who had a HUGE crush on you in 7th grade? Close your eyes and imagine looking at yourself through their eyes.

**Note: "Feeling" fat and "being" fat are two different things. Feeling fat can happen at any size and only refers to the feeling of insecurity or emotional discomfort that occurs when we're not OK with our own shape or size.

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