03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Does Obama's Nobility Make Him Eligible For The Peace Prize?

It appears that we all have an opinion as to whether Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize or whether it is too premature. After seeing many such opinions expressed here, I have simply one thing to say. Irrespective of the prize, it is clear that Obama has a very focused desire on bringing peace to the world, but my question isn't about Obama; my question is about you.

How often do we sit in judgement, criticizing, comparing and assessing the actions of those around us? It is very easy to apply what in Australia we call the tall poppy syndrome, placing all of our attention on criticizing the people in our world who have reached positions of power and success.

But what are you doing to create peace in this moment? I have a proposition; let's all consider ourselves eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize, and focus internally on bringing peace to our surroundings. Then when we have attained that, we can focus on giving inner peace to our families, our friends, our environment, and ultimately our world. Because peace is the responsibility of all humans; it is not the responsibility of our leaders. It is a choice that we are all making in each moment. Am I loving myself? Am I at peace with myself? Am I giving all that I can, or am I sitting on my pedestal whilst analyzing and judging the external?

Greatness moves into action. Victimhood waits for the outside to change in order to be saved. As harsh as this might appear, this is the reality of 99% of humanity.

When someone as noble as Obama pushes for change within a conflictive world, he is automatically eligible for any peace prize. As is anyone who is giving to humanity on this level.

Tips for finding internal peace

When something difficult or challenging happens in our lives, we can perceive it as an obstacle in our path, or an opportunity to grow. The way we respond to these situations can transform them from problems into moments of personal evolution. Observe the automatic response to criticize circumstances and label them as "wrong". When you become aware of this choice, you will be able to chose something different: to chose to appreciate, and use these opportunities to be more, to surrender to what is, and to trust in the gifts the universe is bringing you.

If your neighbor walks past distracted and doesn't notice you, you can choose to get offended and ignore them too, or to smile and say good morning.

When someone drops something, we have the opportunity to pick it up, or to walk past and ignore it.

If someone is having a problem, we can be present and offer our support, or turn a blind eye, lost in our own distractions.

These are small examples of daily situations, where our choices show us our own focus, and how we are with ourselves; whether we are focused on our own dramas and needs, and in effect focused on lack, or if we are open and available to give, focused on the abundance and joy of living, and on serving within the creation of life.

Are you open to feeling every aspect of yourself, to rejoicing in the feelings of joy and embrace your sorrows, as a human being?

When you are tired and your partner, friend or child has had a bad day, are you able to be there for them, even if just as a silent presence? Or do you feel obliged to intervene, to try and change the subject or stop them from feeling, because you feel uncomfortable if you don't do anything?

Just observe, to see in which areas of your day you can be more present, more aware. From that space, any actions you take will be more loving, more peaceful for all those around you.

Be as a sponge, absorbing all possibilities, learning from everything and everyone, focused on being a hundred percent in each moment. In this moment I choose to be the totality, and in each moment, I can be more: more loving, more free, more present.

I always say to my students, it doesn't matter what you are doing: what is important is what you are being. What are you choosing to be in this moment?

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