04/24/2013 01:29 pm ET Updated Jun 24, 2013

Gun Control: A Poem

Below, I have included a poem of the recent happenings in Congress on gun control. President Obama has taken a firm stance on the issue but was still unable to turn a widely accepted 90 percent national approval for more gun control into 60 Senate votes. In the end, it is another story of politics, of checks and balances that should be played out again very soon.

It looks like Obama had expected the support of Senator Begich (D) among a few other key Democrats who failed to come through. It will be equally interesting to see how Obama deals with these senators and with the center Republicans he could not sway.

Barack Obama was a man in his prime
Of considerable power for eight years time

Challenged day and night
Bills, image, and Congress were his fight

It seemed as if a force of nation was on his side
But grey hair and rules Obama could not hide

Guns were the issue in his land
Republicans and Democrats split
Water and sand

The Reds took a strict, historical course
And on vote day caused much remorse

Now Obama must use skill
A politicking, shrewd soil he must till

Until next time the games goes on
Until next time