12/17/2013 04:08 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Are You Enough? Kye Allums Thinks So

If you haven't noticed it yet, something amazing just went live on the internet. Nope, it's not on Buzzfeed and it's actually a lot more socially responsible than the TMZ articles you keep clicking through at your work desk. This story stars you! Well, it could, according to the brand new website for Project I Am Enough (PIAE). Filled with the energy of artists like comedian Sampson McCormick, poet Zyon Gray, musician Jay-Marie Hill and more, this site wants to turn your story into art!

Finding a community where you feel supported and your voice matters isn't always easy as connecting with the folks in your neighborhood. Over the last couple decades we have seen the ways that online spaces have connected various people across the world and forged chosen families out of little more than a few pixels of recognition. Project I Am Enough is an online storytelling platform that wants to do more than give you a place to upload a video or a letter. It wants to know what you value about yourself, your journey and how to make that story speak to countless others. What this project proves is that just as it takes a village to raise us, sometimes it truly takes a village to hear.

Not convinced yet? After seeing just the outline for this ambitious undertaking, which combines graceful storytelling with a wide array of creative mediums, I had to learn a bit more about PIAE for myself and what it could do. Founded, by Kye Allums, most known for being the first openly trans athlete on a Division I team, PIAE is a new resource for an increasingly digital world. Kye was gracious enough to answer some of my questions and will hopefully get you excited about showcasing your own triumphant tale!

J Mase III: What is Project I Am Enough?
Kye Allums: Project I Am Enough is a storytelling platform dedicated to promoting self-love, acceptance and respect for everyone on the gender spectrum. Our mission is to share people's stories in an effort to spread awareness and eliminate the feeling of being the only one.

JMIII: Who is your target audience?
KA: We are targeting everyone on the gender spectrum because all of our stories have the potential to make a difference in someone's life.

JMIII: What do you think this contributes to the creation of safe spaces for LGBTQ people? How is it different than other online storytelling projects like It Gets Better?
KA: Deeming an area a "safe space" doesn't automatically make it a "safe space". Project I Am Enough will create opportunities to put heart felt emotion behind an identity giving people a reason to make every space a "safe space." Our project will move beyond our online storytelling platform with the help of our Creative Team Members (artists from various backgrounds). We will incorporate inspiring stories that are submitted to Project I Am Enough by creating artwork that will amplify original submitted stories.

JMIII: How would you like people to use this as a resource?
KA: By interacting with our social media platforms and browsing through our stories. Direct your friends & family to our site and encourage them to share their stories to help us spread awareness around the world.

JMIII: What can people expect to see on the website?
KA: You can expect to see the following things:
• Our beautiful new Logo
• The process of sharing & submitting your story.
• Ways of getting involved
• I Am Enough SWAG
• The people behind Project I Am Enough

To Find out more about Project I Am Enough, check out the website here: Follow them on twitter @TeamIAmEnough and don't forget to join their next #IAmENOUGHchat happening December 21st 12pm EST!