08/26/2014 01:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Indie Movie 'Moving On' Shoots for the Stars -- and Wins!


I first learned of David and Morgan Hansow while researching my previous blog, "5 Social Entrepreneurs Who Could Change the World." After writing the article, I contacted David and Morgan to invite the couple to record an episode for my Conscious Millionaire Podcast, on which I interview entrepreneurs who are creating change and making a difference.

During the interview and dialogues by phone that followed the interview, I learned about their new independent documentary, "Moving On." This compelling movie tells the story of how the Hanslow's journey to Uganda to adopt a baby turned into a realization of how they could make a difference.

While many Westerners arrive in third world countries with the vision of "saving" the people from their situation, David and Morgan arrived to adopt a baby and became aware of the many challenges facing people on a daily basis. Instead of the Hansows assuming they had the answers, they movie chronicles how they stepped back and asked what were the possibilities, not just for how they might help the people of Uganda, but for how the people of Uganda could help the world.

Out of an awareness of the plight of Ugandan people -- such as a need for water, food, shelter, and money to pay the fees for their children's education -- combined with an understanding of what these same people had to offer -- the ability to create beads and crafts -- the Hansow's birthed the non-profit, Light Gives Heat. The non-profit sells their crafts throughout the world. In turn, over one hundred families earn a living that allows them to have food, shelter, and the money to pay for the their children's education.

"Moving On" shoots for the stars and wins in a way many documentaries stumble or fail.

Rather than making the Hanslows out to be bigger-than-life saviors and heroes, this new documentary from LGH Films, reveals a story of triumphs and difficulties -- not only for David and Morgan, but for each of the Ugandans featured in the movie.

Moving, thought-provoking, and soul-touching, "Moving On" is a feature length celebration of what is possible when people who care discover what those in need have to offer in return for help provided to them. The question this documentary asks, even through it is left unspoken, is, "What difference will you chose to make with your life?"

Please share this article and links with your friends and family. Watch "Moving On," discuss with others, consider what you can do to change the world. Whether in Uganda, your country, or whatever you feel a desire to help, there is a difference that we are each called to make.

Make Your Difference!

Moving On may be viewed online for free through Sep. 10, 2014 and opens select movie theaters beginning in early November, 2014. To support the release of the movie across the country, there is a Kickstarter campaign which also continues through September 10, 2014.

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