11/05/2013 06:33 pm ET

Keeping New York Moving Forward

To remain the economic and creative powerhouse of the world, New York City needs world-class transportation. There are many common sense improvements we can implement in this area, that will ensure our city remains the global leader in the 21st century. Some of these include:

  • Expand Bus Rapid Transit with dedicated bus lanes along major corridors. We should also look to successful models in other cities, such as the TransMilenio rapid bus system in Bogota, where they have integrated bicycle paths and bicycle parking facilities.
  • Expand ferry service, including more frequent service for Staten Island, as well as Roosevelt Island, Red Hook in Brooklyn, and along the East River, and more fully integrating ferry service with other modes of public transportation, such as buses, trains and bicycles.
  • Make reliable information on bus arrival time available at stops in all five boroughs.
  • Modify and expand our network of bike paths and protected lanes to ensure the safety of riders, pedestrians, and drivers and develop bike parking facilities and corporate-sponsored helmet stands.
  • Provide more support for carsharing programs. Every car sharing vehicle takes 10-15 private vehicles off the road. By providing car sharing programs such as Zipcar and Hertz 24/7 on-street parking and other access, we can increase the usage of these on-demand services.
  • Introduce dynamic pricing and payment by smartphone to improve public parking. Phase out muni-meters which is an older technology.

We've outlined some of these suggestions in a new Whiteboard video below. Please take a look and let us know what you think and what other reforms you'd like to see to our transportation infrastructure.